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Lessons from Fly Fishing

Sometimes it is easy and try and think just a little too deeply about what has just unfolded on the river. The fish at the end of the day has just three things it is interested in- food, oxyegn and shelter and of course something else towards the end of the year.

That is about it really and by observing what is going on it makes the job of catching the fish just a little easier. As long as we wade gently and with stealth and we come across a feeding fish we are always in with a chance. Watch what is happening. Is the fish on duns or feeding just subsurface? Make the choice and choose the fly that fits the bill best. We always try and get our clients to be aware of temprature changes, hatches and the “feel” of the river. This gets us into tune with everything and makes the learning process fun but also productive.

Will he take or not? We always think yes!

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