Arctic Winds and Snow Showers

Published by Gerald on

Well we knew it wouldn’t last but that lovely warm wind and sun sure cheered us up while it lasted, it also go the trout on the fin for a few days.

We’ve had snow, hail and sleet in the last week with night time temperatures dropping below freezing, today was sunny but the wind is north easterly keeping day time temperatures chilly and unfortunately, but predictably the trout fishing has had the brakes applied. Next week the wind is going around to the south and temps are set to rise. In the mean time if your looking to improve your casting or learn a new technique please get in touch we would be happy to help. From mid April through May and June the diary is really starting to fill up so I’m thrill to be welcoming back old customers and looking forward to meeting new faces. One more fantastic bit of news is that most of the South West’s salmon rivers seem to be having a reasonably good smolt run, lets keep our fingers crossed some make it back.