Whether you’re on a solo road trip or just chilling out, JT Van Zandt’s Drifting fly fishing podcast is fascinating and reflective.

Fly fishing podcast - JT Van Zandt's Drifting
JT Van Zandt’s Drifting podcast

With guests from the likes of Ryan Bingham, Ethan Hawke and many other diverse and interesting guests, it’s a hugely likeable and life affirming podcast show. JT is the son of the American singer song writer Townes Van Zandt – his upbringing and life story is colourful and full of positivity.

JT is a legendary Texan fly fishing guide, mostly guiding for redfish and the occasional black drum in shallow water from his skiff. You can listen to his fly fishing podcast via iTunes, Spotify and from Yeti’s website https://www.yeti.com/drifting-podcasts.