Drifting podcast with JT Van Zandt

Whether you’re on a solo road trip or just chilling out, JT Van Zandt’s Drifting fly fishing podcast is fascinating and reflective. With guests from the likes of Ryan Bingham, Ethan Hawke and many other diverse and interesting guests, it’s a hugely likeable and life affirming podcast show. JT is the son of the American singer song writer Townes Van Zandt – his upbringing and life story is colourful and full of positivity. JT is Read more…

A freshly-caught fish from the Devon School of Fly Fishing

Get my drift?

Have you ever had a rising fish that you’ve covered over and over with the correct fly for the hatch that just won’t take? You might be overlooking one of several elements. Here are a few tips that you might want to try, to help you improve your fly fishing successes. (Fly) Size matters! A common mistake lies in the fly size and dressing. Commercially-bought flies are often too big and overly dressed to be Read more…

Getting ready for the 2023 Fly Fishing season in Devon

Opening week Salmon success and looking towards the Trout season opening next week.

The 2023 Salmon fly fishing season has started with very low waters throughout our Devon rivers. Over the last weeks on the river Taw several Spring fish have been caught, which is great news. For the next few days we have very cold weather and no immediate rain forecast. Looking later into the week and next week there is a little bit of rain forecast, and presently the river sure could use a top up. Read more…

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