Fishing with bamboo

We love fishing with bamboo rods on our days off. There is something special about casting cane at our Westcountry trout. It is often thought that you need to have a rod that has been passed down from a fishing relative or you have had to visit antique fishing tackle stores to try and source a rod.

Fly fishing tuition

At the Devon School of Fly Fishing we offer fly fishing tuition and guiding on over 6 miles of the River Taw in Devon. Our lessons are relaxed yet informative and fun. We always make sure that we teach you so that after you have left us you will feel confident to tackle your next fly fishing adventure on your own and will be able to put things right if something goes wrong.

Learn to Distance Cast

There is something about casting that is really pleasurable. The moment when you have got your fly right into the spot you wanted to. It might be on the river when you are fly fishing for wild brown trout or perhaps you are fishing one of the many reservoirs of the Westcountry that are stocked with trout. Perhaps you are on a beach or estuary casting a fly for bass.

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