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Fly Fishing Guiding

People are now realising the value of using a fly fishing guide for the day. At the Devon School of Fly Fishing we ensure that our guides are on the water all of the time so that they are in “tune” with what is going on and the mood of the river. We make sure every guide knows every step of every beat of the river and knows exactly where the “hot spots” are.

We’ll make sure you get the best value you can from the day and make sure we know exactly what you are hoping to get from it. We have lots we can show you but tailor it to exactly what you are looking from it. When your fly fishing guide first meets you, you can rest assured he is turning up knowing exactly what is happening on the river, how it is fishing and what is hatching. So when you walk down to the river he isn’t hoping it was just like it was when he last fished it 2 weeks ago!

Photograph of Pete Tyjas
Photograph of Emma Tyjas

Fly fishing is our job and we make sure we are able to offer you the best fishing available and a guide to match. We don’t guide you on a club water and wouldn’t expect our guests to do so. Every beat is private to the fishing school and is rested. You know when you turn up to the water with us that nobody has got there early and fished ahead of you.