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Fly Fishing Guides

Fly fishing guides are becoming more popular than ever. This is probably due to the fact that people are travelling more in search of fish and have little time to get to know the water they will be fishing. Hiring a guide enables the fisherman the chance to get to fish new water with someone who knows it well.

Historically ghillies or gillies have paved the way for what the modern guide has become today. We ensure that our team of guides have an intimate knowledge of the river and know exactly where the fish are, what they are feeding on and, most importantly, which fly to tie on.

A fly fishing guide has a variety of roles but we make sure that our guests know exactly what they want from the day when we first meet so that we are able to tailor the day to what they require. It might be some help with casting, entomology or general watercraft. No matter however small your question always let your guide know, they’ll want to help.

At The Devon School of Fly Fishing we make sure our guides are selected for their ability to communicate a nugget of information in an easy to understand manner so that you are able to catch that big brown trout tucked right under the bank!

Most of all though, enjoy your time with your guide. They will be proud to show you their water and will be keen for you to catch a few fish too. You’ll have someone to tie on the flies, get the odd fly out of a tree and someone to share the the special fish with!

The Devon School of Fly Fishing offer guided fly fishing on the River Taw on a 1/2 day and full day basis. Please email us or call us on 01363 82786 for more dtails