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Down time?….nah!

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

The Fly Fair was a blast and it was nice to meet up with friends both old and new. There was a good contingent up from down here and a group from Kennick had hopped in a mini bus and headed up to grab a few bargains. That reminds me, we had a shocker getting up there. I left home at 9.50am and got to Stoke at 4.30. Howard had caught Birmingham later than us and didn’t start setting up until 6.30. We gave him a hand and then shot back to Karl’s where his wife Andrea had prepared dinner and then Toby and I shot back down to give Howard, Hels Bells and Kirsty a hand. They were bushed at 9 so they arranged to get there early next morning to finish. Toby and I hung back to finish our bit and then shot off. Next morning when we got there Howard had been working hard and I reckon this was about as close as it got when they finished just as the doors opened!

It was really great to meet up with Mat from Fly Odyssey he is a top guy who knows his stuff! He also had Mark helping who is salt water fishing mad. I don’t think there are many fishing destinations they haven’t been to between them. It was cool just talking fishing. It turns out they will be down in NZ same time as Ray and I which will be fun.

I got to talk fishing with my mate Richard today as I owed him lunch. I picked him up from home and we headed for Fingle Bridge and the pub down there that sits right on the Teign. As any sensible fisherman would do we first headed for the bridge to see if there was anything sitting there but sadly not. We watched a few caddis flutter up and agreed the river looked just about perfect. It is times like these that despite the closed season you can still appreciate how lucky we are to be able to fish in places like this. I wish I had my camera but I had got it ready for tomorrow. We headed off to the pub, had lunch and talked fishing. Richard is a veteran of Colorado and Montana and we swapped favourite rivers and fishing stories. If you are sitting right next to a trout stream and can’t fish it talking about fishing keeps you going….well almost. I dropped him off and as generous as ever he gave me some vension mince and then handed me some smoked salmon. This was from a salmon he’d had off of the Teign and I really look forward to trying it. Thanks mate!

While we were staying at Karl’s he had been leant a spey casting video from the very early 80′s. It was really interesting to see how much things have changed from a technical perspective. I guess it is always has, and will be a big learning curve. I guess thats why we love it so much!

I have to admit that I have a mild case of “man flu” but I’m off to the chalk tomorrow….

Dare to be different?….

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

It has been a busy few days having just got back from the Tackle and Guns show. We were busy bunnies and had the pleasure of Jeff from Abel over to help on our stand. He was a most welcome addition and fitted in very well with our sense of humour and handled himself very well despite me spending most of the weekend trying to push him in the casting pool. It is so nice to have a company like this behind you and even better that their philosophy to life and fly fishing is the same as ours. It was nice for him to meet a lot of our accounts and a few new ones too. The nice thing is that the industry is getting what we are about in offering a quality product at a fair price.

We have done our best to price our products made in the U.S. as close to the U.S. retail price as possible so that the public are able to buy here and, most importantly, support their local dealers throughout the country. The nice thing is that we know the companies that we use in the U.S. are actually using the products themselves as a very large percentage of them are fishermen themselves. It is nice to know there is some heritage involved and they are not just trading on a faded old name of yesteryear. We were amazed by the support we had for St Croix and it is a brand anglers throughout the UK will be able to get their hands on from a large variety of fishing shops in the very near future.

Jeff leaves today and has seen some of London as he, Bob and Graham called in to one of our dealers but thankfully he got a look at fly fishing in Devon when he visited Wimbleball with Mark last week and is on a small trout stream with Graham in Hertfordshire as I type, just before he leaves for Heathrow. A man after my own heart!

I popped in to see Howard yesterday as we are supporting him at the BFFI the weekend after next and I also was in Crediton and was dying for a tea and hob nob!!. BFFI is also Marks birthday weekend and I am sure we will all be out to mark (quite literally!) the occassion. A lot of the lads from the association will be there too.

I am off for a couple of days as my brother is getting married. Mark is at the helm and taking Helen out for some casting and fishing and then off guiding for some toothy critters on Mon. Bob is doing some spey stuff with Steve and then I have a busy grayling diary coming up; look for some pics and movies too. I promise I’ll be behind the camera!

Many, many congrats to Mat and Georgie at Fly Odyessy on the birth of Thomas. At 9lb 2oz you’re talking a fair sized bonefish!

26th May- Moving pictures and plenty of tourists…

Monday, May 26th, 2008

Now, it is admission time, I’m not too bad with a fly rod but a video camera is another matter! Mark and I popped up to the Moors last week and did a spot of fly fishing with 2 and 3 wt rods and small dry flies. The fishing was good and we did our best to capture it on video so click here for a peek. It is a bit rough and ready but I sort of like it that way rather than a polished Ridley Scott version…perhaps that’s just an excuse. Hope you enjoy it and as ever we are trying to be a little bit different….hope you enjoy!

 Bob hosted his salmon course and it went down really well which was also aided by a 12lber! He promised he took his camera so hopefully some pics up soon. The team seem to be doing really well on the bit we guide on the Tamar with Champo having a customer returning a good 14lber and a few 2 1/2lb sea trout last week. I am guiding on there with Richard for trout on Weds weather permitting…

You should have been here yesterday…or should you?…

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

I was guiding Jim yesterday. Jim is from just up the M5 and has fly fished rivers just a couple of times but has done a fair bit of stillwater stuff and wants to tackle rivers more seriously this year. We spent some time on river fly fishing casts and then it was off to put it into practice.

 The day before had been glorious. We had our first barbie of the season at home (plenty already at Scott Fly fishing School HQ or as we now call it the Command Module!) and it felt pretty good to be working outside. Tomorrow is always another day but yesterday was  infact a lot different. There was light rain, cloud and it was certainly a lot cooler.

The river though was pretty low and crystal clear but there was no sign of any hatch when we got into the river. The setup was the ever faithful black klinkie and a small nymph tied on NZ style. I set the dropper at a couple of feet and we kicked off. It was cool to see on the 2nd cast the dry dip under and a fish on. A small fish of about 5 inches but welcome none the less. We carried on upstream but things were quieter. We concentrated on the tails of pools and slightly slacker water as early season these tend to be good holding areas but as the season progresses and things warm up then it is the heads and faster runs of pools that I like to spend more time on. This strategy didn’t appear to work but a half hearted strike at the dry got me thinking that perhaps with the water low and clear that if we made it worthwhile for a fish to have a look at our dry then we might have a plan. I will usually use a size 16 or 18 klinkie but I tied on a 14, tied on lightweight shrimp hook, still black, and Jim threw it out. I wouldn’t say the fishing was electric but we did pretty well and caught more than our fair share (nicest fish of 9 inches) and the dry outfished the nymph easily when the textbook might say something else. There is something special about seeing a fish taking a fly off of the surface and encapsulates for me what fly fishing is all about- the art of deception. We ended up staying until after 7 as the fish really came on and as I said to Jim “do you want to leave biting fish?”!!

 After yesterdays blog my copy of Total Flyfisher came through and the fish off between Mark and Jax is in there. It is a good read and very amusing.

 I’m hoping the weather stays as it is today (fingers crossed) as I am teaching 11 year old Luke who sounds like he is a mad keen fly fisher in the making. We’ll be on our lake and hopefully the fish will be biting!

More settled weather and the rivers will be coming to life. Don’t forget we have a variety of private river beats of trout fishing throughout Devon and Cornwall that are lightly fished and are full of hungry wild trout. So if you fancy something a little different drop us a line but be quick, the diaries are getting full!!

All The Fun Of The Fair

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

We’re suffering from a bout of road burn today as we were up at the Spring Fly Fishing Show at the weekend. I got the short straw and drove the van up and held my breath every time I took the racing line. Thankfully everything got up there in one piece and all in all in was a pretty cool show. It was great to see so many talented fly tyers under one roof and meet up with friends old and new.

For me though the real fun is when the doors close at the end of the day and we break out the rods. We might work for different companies but we are all mates at the end of the day and chucking a few loops is good for the soul. It was a real pleasure to have a cast with our team but also with Jim and to have a chuck with Ben and Mike too they are all really awesome casters. 

I really enjoyed my first time up there and didn’t stop laughing the whole weekend. The highlight was, for me, Bob telling us about how he liked to dress in the 70′s.

We are counting down the days til the river trout fly fishing season starts. We have a busy weekend coming up with 3 of us teaching and I am hoping the weather is OK for us.

Mark has popped home for a few days and is going to write a blog about the weekend before last when he had Martyn for the weekend who wanted to learn how to cast as he is going to chase pike. As far as Mark was concerned it was a dream as his first love is pike on the fly. It sounds as though Martyn did a great job and is going to keep us informed of his exploits.