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Archive for January, 2008

Learning with friends!

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Last year we ran a few group courses and they proved to be a great success so we have decided to run a few more this year with some special hosts who are some of the best in their fields. We’ll be keeping the groups small and all of the fishing will be on private, exclusive locations to the Scott Fly Fishing School where you’ll learn plenty along with our famous sense of humour!

So, if you fancy joining us down here take a look and if anything is of interest either give me a call (01566 784000) or drop me an email ( )

April 12th Beginners Fly Fishing Course. Never held a rod before? Pete and Mark will take you from the very beginning all the way up to you catching your first fish from our private trout lake!

May 24th and 25th Salmon Course. Bob is going to teach you how to wield a double handed rod and the techniques you’ll need to cast for a silver tourist. You will then put it all into practice on a very exclusive beat of the Tamar. Bob, in a previous life, was a gillie on the Tamar for 16 years and knows just about every stone and pool where you will be fishing. This is a two day course.

August 16th and 17th Sea Trout Fishing with Illtyd Griffiths. Illtyd is one of the finest sea trout fishermen of our generation, this course will enable you to learn all of the tricks that he employs to tempt the countless sewin from his beloved river Dovey.

November 22nd Pike Fishing with Mark Bailey. Mark was one of the first anglers to chase pike with a fly rod. He has caught them as large as 30lb. This course will teach you about the species, locations and the best methods for catching them. He’ll also cover the casting needed to launch a large fly out to your prey.

As ever individual tuition is proving popular and already our new lake is proving a hit for a winter tune up!


01566 784000

Being there

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

The thing I love at the end of a day’s tuition is if the client has decided that casting isn’t as hard as they thought and they have enjoyed themselves enough that they want to make those first steps on the road to becoming a fly fisherman.

I am usually there when they catch their first fish and see the excitement as the fish takes and the fight is on. If all has gone to plan then it is handshakes or high fives as the fish is landed.

The next stage is to discover all of the other areas that fly fishing has to offer. With many, I have been there for quite a few of those milestone moments like the first wild river fish, first bass, first time on a reservoir or first time fishing from a boat.

It is a cool feeling standing there helping land the fish or just offering a few helpful words of encouragement and when it is all completed stand there like the proud father. Writing this it is a pretty picture but those of you that know me may well be smiling to themselves as they picture an equally excited instructor leaping up and down as the fish is netted!

Man, I hate my job!!

Welcome to the Scott Fly Fishing School Blog

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Testing, one two, one two…the paint is still drying but we are excited to be broadcasting to the world, having opened the shutters of the Scott Fly Fishing School blog. My biggest fear is that readers will discover my legendary poor punctuation more than anything else but we hope to keep you up to dpete.jpgate with what we are up to, fishing reports and a few tips thrown in for free!

We’ll have some input from Bob, Mark and Gary but also a few special guests too who have promised to impart a few words of wisdom. If you have visited us at the School expect to see yourself up here just to prove you did catch something in case no one believed you!

It looks as though 2008 is going to be a busy year out on the water; we are looking forward to bringing newcomers to the world of fly fishing. It is also good to see some old friends dropping by too.

We plan on stocking our new private trout lake at the end of Feb and so I have to apologise to those that have popped down already that there was a reason the fish weren’t biting…only kidding!  Those who have been down already have been fine tuning ready for the season and just brushing down a few cobwebs.

I am dying to try our new stretch of the Tamar. It is a private beat and the owner told me that he hooked a 3lb grayling whilst sea trouting. Now, I’m a guide and would never be prone to exaggeration, so 3lb could be 2lb in the real world but that is still a special fish. I managed to get down there at the back of the season to have a cast for salmon with Bob and it is an awesome place. I know where the big fella lives so if you ask me nicely…

It is pretty miserable right now so I have popped a photo of the Tamar beat to cheer you up and don’t forget to give me a shout if you are interested in some chalkstream grayling fishing or feel free to pop in for a coffee. It seems like Scott Fly School HQ has become a hang out for fishermen so we thought it only right to pop a couple of sofas in so that we can all sit down and talk fishing!

So, that’s the official opening “may God bless this blog and all who sail in her”.