Grayling fishing in Devon

The two main rivers of Devon which contain grayling are the Tamar and the Exe. The tributaries of these rivers also have them, the main ones worth mentioning are the lower reaches of the Barle and Creedy before they join the Exe, the Tamar the Lyd,Inny and Ottery although the Inny and Ottery are just inside Cornwall. Heading to one of Devon’s other borders it is worth mentioning the Tone in Somerset which is a Read more…

Devon Salmon Fishing

The river Taw has had a revival in the last few years. It would have been easy to go the hatchery route but instead the River Taw Fisheries Association (RTFA) decided on improving access for salmon so that they could travel up the river more quickly and easily.

Lessons from fly fishing

Sometimes it is easy and try and think just a little too deeply about what has just unfolded on the river. The fish at the end of the day has just three things it is interested in- food, oxygen and shelter and of course something else towards the end of the year.

Fly fishing guiding

People are now realising the value of using a fly fishing guide for the day. At the Devon School of Fly Fishing we ensure that our guides are on the water all of the time so that they are in “tune” with what is going on and the mood of the river.