There is something about casting that is really pleasurable. The moment when you have got your fly right into the spot you wanted to. It might be on the river when you are fly fishing for wild brown trout or perhaps you are fishing one of the many reservoirs of the Westcountry that are stocked with trout. Perhaps you are on a beach or estuary casting a fly for bass.

No matter what, being able to get your fly efficiently to the fish is a large part of being a succesful angler. Some of the fishing situations we have mentioned above need the fly angler to be able to cast just a little bit further.

We’re not talking about casting right out to the horizon but being able to get a nice distance with good consistency. We think that if you can make 70ft casts 90% of the time you’ll be able to make 50ft casts with ease and will also be able to fish just about anywhere in the world!

We can teach you how to cast further using the  double haul, cast from the other shoulder and deal with the wind so that you are able to get your fly to where the fish are.