We are often asked by our guests what sort of tackle do they need to bring when they come down to fish with us. There is always something you have that will usually be fine but for most of the streams down here an 8ft 4wt rod will cover just about everything. It will be small enough for our tiny streams but also big enough to tackle the larger stretches of river too.

I like to fish light and often with just a dry fly and will  hit the small streams with a 7 1/2 ft 2 wt line. It probably sounds a little too light but I have landed 12 inch trout with it and got them back really quickly. It will also cast a dry with a bead head nymph hung below too. If I am fishing the Fox and Hounds waters where I work then I like to have a 9ft 4wt which lets me fish a variety of situations including when the smaller sea trout are in too.

Leader wise I prefer a tapered one of 9ft 4x, 5x or 6x with between 2-3ft of 5, 6 or 7x tippet. I don’t find there is a real need for long leaders as we are casting pretty short distances. If I am fishing where I know there will be sea trout then I will step the tippet up to 5x and will often do the same at mayfly time.

Don’t worry if your shortest rod is 9ft as it will be fine for most of the hotel’s water. If you are joining us for guided fly fishing or fly fishing lessons we carry a large supply of Mackenzie tackle that we will lend you free of charge.