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Monday, April 13th, 2009

I don’t know if you are the same but when I go pleasure fishing I sometimes find it fun to set myself a little challenge. Before I go any further I want to say that I am one of the most uncompetitive people around. When I fish it’s just me against the fish. The odds are usually stacked against me but I kind of like it that way! What I mean by challenge is I like to try and set something that makes life a little more difficult and makes me think as a fisherman. I was teaching Peter but when I was done I popped off for a quick fish myself.

I headed up the Taw a bit from work and strung up the 2 wt. Although it wasn’t the warmest of days we have had of late I decided I was going to walk the river and to only cast if I found a rising fish. This perhaps doesn’t sound either that exciting or interesting but try walking up a river and and resisting the temptation not to flick a fly into a likely looking hole!

As I mentioned there wasn’t a lot going on but I decided I wouldn’t crack. I saw a small one rise but my fly was a bit too much of a mouthful for him and he bumped off. A trickle of grannom got the fish a little more interested and although not a heavy rise I saw a couple of fish moving and covered them. I had one and another didn’t like my scruffy klink and refused to show again despite me waiting for an uhealthy amount of time. Moving on I saw a fish move on the seam of a faster run and he didn’t hesitate on hitting the. Again it wasn’t a huge fish but he was welcome.


The nicest fish rose just once towards the tail of a pool and confidently took my klink. So was it worth it? You know what, it was. I also learnt a little bit about myself as a fisherman. I tend to fish pools pretty quickly but it was interesting taking my time and waiting to see if anything happened. Whoever said you don’t stop learning is right!

Philip with a nice trout from the Taw

Philip with a nice trout from the Taw

Fly Hatches #4

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Whilst writing these I have come to the conclusion that I could have probably put the flies I have written about in slightly better order but it has been nice to just think about a hatch or a fishing situation and write about it rather than having any semblance of proper order. I’ll do my best to try and keep them a bit closer to the calender in future!

So, the next up on the list is the March Brown. This fly is one of our early upwing hatches of the season hence the name. It is a bit of a bruiser in size compared to the Large Dark Olive being about 4mm bigger but still a good 4mm smaller than the daddy of them all the Mayfly. Again like the LDO the March Brown has two tails. rhithrogena1

The nymph likes to cling to stones so when you turn one over you’ll often see them scuttle for cover. A pheasant tailed nymph will usually cover this stage of the fly with a bead head to get you down and an unweighted version fished just subsurface can get interest from the trout. I have hit quite a few hatches of these and I can usually be lucky enough to catch a good one on the Bray. I found a great little March Brown pattern from Simon at Turralls that I have used for a number of years. I usually fish a size 14 but also have them in size 16 as they are a great all rounder for olives too.


    The latin name is again a slightly trickier one to remember but for the record it is Rhithrogena germanica. Getting up close you’ll see the body of the fly is a really dark brown with light rings around the abdomen. If you hit one of these hatches at the right time it can make a really nice start to the fly fishing season with a dry!

I was out on the water yesterday and if it stays dry today we could be in for some fun for the opening of the trout fly fishing season. Interestingly I have noticed that the hatches of Large Dark Olives haven’t been as large as a few weeks back but with some slightly milder weather that we’ll see them get going again.

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