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Fly Fishing in Devon

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

1st March marks the start of the salmon season on the river Taw down here in Devon. Because where I work and fish is a fair way up the system the chances of connecting with a fish is, at best, a long shot. That having been said I am a firm believer in the fact the fish don’t read the books or anything else. They just do what they do and if they can make their way up river they will.

Rob makes the first cast of the season

I met up with Rob to mark the occassion and he was great company and an excellent fisherman. We fished long and hard and without success but it was just good being there after what has felt like a really long winter.

The Taw

The anchors on my speys looked OK and I really felt like I had covered the water, mixed my angles and approaches and think I couldn’t have done any more.

Wild Garlic

I like to fish what appears a long, slow pool in an unconventional manner. We gave it a go and I have to admit that I almost screamed with excitement when I saw the flash of what I first thought was a salmon attacking the fly I was stripping through the pool. It turned out to be a really nice trout that I am pleased to say didn’t connect. The takes in this pool are very visual and we have seen both salmon and some large sea trout come out after a fly. It might make the purists shudder a little but it seems to work pretty well and I always try and fish with “there are no rules” when it comes to fishing.

It doesn’t matter if it is written in a book. If you have a hunch and it is a little different, Go for it! Sometimes these things pay off and you have learnt something new that helps you enjoy the sport we love so much even more.

Issue 15 of Eat, Sleep, Fish will be out next week

Devon School of Fly Fishing – Fly Fishing in Devon

Fly Fishing Devon

Monday, May 16th, 2011

It has been another great week of helping reach new milestones in their angling careers from beginners up to the experienced. There is nothing more exciting than seeing everything slot into place!

Caroline has always wanted to try fly fishing and had 2 days with us bought for her by her husband Terry. Despite never holding a fly rod before she was throwing some really nice loops in no time and had a rainbow in the freezer at the hotel to take home with her. Next day she was on the river and made the step with ease, catching a few nice Taw brown trout. Caroline re-strings violin and cello bows for a living and was intrigued to see if the skills she employs on a day to day basis would be of use in fly tying. They would be and after showing her how to tie a couple of flies we tried them out on the river and the fish thought they were pretty good too. Really well done Caroline!

Caroline plays a Taw brown on.

I had Paul down for a Spey Casting session and showing him a few casts that he can put into good effect on the Wye in the next few weeks should have the salmon a bit worried. I think he did fall in love with my switch rod though and I had to prise it out of his hands at the end of the day!

Nick had tried some still water fishing and wanted, with his Dad Rod, to learn how to tackle moving water. We covered the casts and tactics and took them down to where they put what they learnt to practice.

Nick ready to strike!

Geraldine had tackled river fishing a bit before but wanted to get all of the bases fully covered so that she can set out on even more fly fishing adventures.

Looks like a big fish Geraldine

We spent the weekend covering everything needed to maximise success and enjoyment and how well it all slottted into place. Her timing was perfect as the trout are really starting to lock on to the mayfly and were really taking them confidently. She caught some really nice fish and also had our first sea trout of the season on a French Partridge.

It was a big one!

We did the same last year and had sea trout on dry flies. I have tomorrow off  (Tuesday) and haven’t cast at fish for almost 3 weeks so am itching to get going…sea trout on dries will certainly be on the agenda!

Lastly a special mention has to go to Mark. I guided him a few weekends ago and know how much he loves the Taw. I was amazed to see him in the Hotel car park as Paul and I stopped for lunch. Apparently he had got the 9am train from Paddington and then took a train to Eggesford where he had booked in to fish for 4 hours and was then getting the train home again….Dude, you are a hard core fly fisher and worthy of the Trout Bum label!

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