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Dude, where’s my fish?!

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Faure came back to spend a couple of days of guided fly fishing with us last weekend and we had a ball! The fishing was pretty good and the company was a blast. This time Faure made sure he didn’t get the sleeper train and had a more relaxing journey down and was ready to hit the river bright and early. We headed down to beat 7 and tried our luck and managed a few. The fish were on caddis and the hatches were coming in trickles rather than pouring. It was a case of 10 minutes of activity and then it would go quiet and then it would start again. We worked through one pool and saw a grilse of about 5lbs take to the air and then a larger slightly more coloured salmon of 9 to 10lb also go airborne.  We also couldn’t believe the amount of kingfishers we saw and this also added to the otter Dave from Portland and I saw the day before. These are some of the little things that add to a special day on the water.

Faure had got into the groove really well and was keen that he used my Helios fly rod again and I was happy to oblige as he casts a really nice loop with it!

We ended the day with a nice tally of fish but more importantly Faure had a good time and fished like a demon.

We’d planned some small stream fishing for the next day and although the fish weren’t as cooperative (we still had plenty) Faure coped fantastically with the challenges of threading his loop through the various obstacles to get to the fish. I love the appetite for knowledge that he has as it spurs me on even further. One of the highlights was showing him how to fish a small non descript spot and seeing his face as he became attached to a rather good fish!

As I think I have mentioned before I am no photography expert but I always try and get a photo of the day  for my guests and the couple below show that sometimes it doesn’t always go to plan!


Easy come….easy go….I’d got the shot lined up but the fish had other ideas and Faure made a desperate lunge to try and catch the fast escaping trout!


Here’s what Faure made of his time with us

Hi Pete,

           just calling to say thanks for a great time this weekend. I feel truly confident to hit the rivers of Devon solo now, and I have memories that will last a lifetime. Apart from catching loads of fish, there were loads of great moments; dropping that fish, the big one that got away upstream (that was residing to the left of the fast water), the one in the pool that you showed me how to fish Dartmoor in, to name only a few. More than just teaching me, you provided an experience, one that covered many aspects of fly fishing, and one that made fishing both interesting and fun at the same time. Excuse the cheap pun, but I think you have helped get me truly hooked to flying. I would love to meet up again in September (one last time before the season finishes)
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