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Support Your Local Tackle Shop!

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

It seems as the GB PLC is in a pretty bad state of affairs right now. Talk of  the “green shoots” of recovery have been a little premature to say the least. With doom and gloom seeming to be the buzz words I was really, really happy to go to a shop opening today. This wasn’t any old shop though, this was a new fly fishing tackle shop. The even better news is that they are just down from me in Crediton…


Fly Fishing Tackle is run by Howard, Helen and Kirsty. They already have a great online fly fishing tackle business but have decided that the opportunity of a new premises was too great and has allowed them to open their doors to the public. I often popped into their old place to have a quick cuppa, talk fishing and pick up some fishing gear but it didn’t lend itself as well to walk-in trade. Despite this there always seemed a steady stream of visitors and I guess this must have helped in the descision to have a proper retail premises. The new place is just a couple of seconds walk from Crediton High street and is large, airy and light it is packed with a very large variety of tackle to suit all pockets and all levels of experience. You are always assured a warm welcome and I think I overheard Howard mention sofas and coffee pots. I think they will find it hard for me to get out of there during the closed fishing season if this is the case!!

L to R   Kirsty, Howard and Helen

L to R Kirsty, Howard and Helen

The thing I noticed was the shop already has a really nice atmosphere. To me as a punter this is really important as you don’t want to walk into a place to spend some of your hard earned cash and you are made to feel like you are doing the shop owner a favour. There is little chance of that here and it is a real pleasure to visit. So it probably sounds like I am gushing about the place a bit and you know what, I am. The reason for this is that I have nothing but respect for a company that is bucking the current trend and trying to have a go and even better it is a fishing shop. With online auction sites offering a way to get a bargain some might argue there is no need for a tackle shop but when that bargain goes wrong or isn’t what you thought it was you’re stuck. You might end up paying a tiny bit more with a tackle shop but you also get advice, back up, the chance to handle or even better still try the equipment and if you are really lucky you might get a cup of tea! So in these hard times when you are considering a tackle purchase I really hope that you might consider popping into your car and supporting your local retailer. I’m signing off and wish the guys all the best of luck but I have a feeling they won’t need it!

What does it mean to you?

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

I was talking to my good pal and fishing buddy Toby about a grayling trip on Friday and we got talking about opening day and what he would be doing. He has even jotted a few words down about his plans which I hope you’ll enjoy!

Over to you fella….


I love this time of year. The cold days of winter are subsiding and the nights are getting 
shorter, Spring flowers are starting to peep through with snowdrops 
and daffodils dancing in the wind. Birds are becoming more active and daytime temperatures are starting 
to   rise but the main reason I love this time of year is the 
anticipation of the new fishing season.

Traditionally for me the start of my reservoir season happens on Chew 
Valley with a bunch of guys from the complete fisher forum meeting up 
very early on open day on the bank like excited school children 
talking about the day ahead.

Now for anyone who knows me I am a bit of a tackle tart and usually I 
have a new piece of tackle or two floating around to test out on open 

This year is no different !

Yesterday I was playing around with my new toy; a Scott S4 9ft 6″ 7# 
and I must say what a nice rod it is.

Casting with a SA GPX 7# line the rod and line worked in great harmony 
and I can’t wait to give it a proper thrashing on the 16th March.

Now anyone who fishes Chew will know that there are quite a few pike 
in the lake and when fishing deep as you often have to on open day, you 
invariably hook a pike or two on your trout flies.
Well I have a cunning plan.
I will also have set up a pike fly fishing outfit ready to out smart 
out toothy friend.

For fishing off the bank this season I will be using a St Croix Legend 
rod  in a 8# matched with a very special reel a Abel Super 8 in 
Pike graphic.

The great thing with the rod is its got so much power to play the pike 
quickly but its so smooth and really helps cast the big flies you need 
to use for catching our toothy friends.

So roll on 16th of march I’m ready and waiting.

In between now and then I plan to get out on the rivers a couple of 
times after grayling before the season closes for them and am looking 
forward to going out Friday on my local river, The Tone.

I helped bank clearing last weekend on one of my favourite beats of 
the Taunton Fly Fishing Club waters and the river should be in fine fettle for Friday so I 
can’t wait.

Edit – me neither and by the way,yes, you are a tackle tart!- Pete

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