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Fly Fishing Devon

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

On the river where I work, other than those late dusk times when I have finished work for the day, it is unusual to come across a pool that is alive with feeding trout. I don’t mean a few risers here and there. I mean a full on fish frenzy with a pool of fish rising like mad. It happens from time to time and happened the other day. The guest I was guiding and I were heading up the river a bit. The reason for this was the river was just dropping back and the fish were holding right off of the main flow and we were finding slower pools were providing the best chance of a fish.

I told him that there always seem to be rising fish in the pool we were heading to and when we got there it was exactly the case. I don’t mean this to sound all prophet like, it just always seems to have a few risers in it. This was also against a background where he had placed a superb cast into where I thought there would be a fish and I was saying “this is so going to be a fish” that proved to be wrong just about every time, but I often say it just so that my guest is primed ready to hit one of our super fast fish. Well, thats my excuse anyway!

So the fish are rising like crazy. It looks like they are on the emerger stage of a real small trickle of olives. We’d been fishing tungsten beaded nymph to get us down a bit but we lightened up to just a copper bead to get us into the strike zone. First cast the dry dipped and we were in. So the set up worked and we looked up towards the head of the pool where it was clear the bigger boys were moving.

These guys were feeding agressively and we had a couple of them on but we were in an enclosed spot with snags a plenty and they knew exactly what the drill was. Wrap the leader on whatever you can find. I don’t think my guest could do any more than he did they were just big bully fish and got the better of us.

I had to admit that my life flashed in front of me when one of the bigger fish headed towards me so I quickly closed my legs and hopped behind my guest as I was terrified that the dry would snag on my legs.

It is for moments like this that I love fly fishing so much. OK a few got away but it was a great feat of fishing and it would have been nice to see them but my guest was thrilled to have done what he did and to see what we did. It was pretty neat!

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Always something new…

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

The great thing about fly fishing and I guess life in general is that you are always learning. I think that is why I like it so much. Yesterday I learnt something new, it was a new word. I had Dave over from Portland for the day and although he only had a couple he happened to mention that he had got a “taffle” I’d never heard this before but think it is a nicer word than a tangle. Although I don’t know if this is just a Portland thing or not I like it.

Just before I met Dave yesterday I popped in to the hotel for my pre fish cup of coffee. I’m not much of a coffee drinker but I love the brand the hotel uses. John, who I had earlier in the week, reckons it is real rocket fuel and a perfect kick start for a days fishing.

The weather was similar to what we had for most of the week, overcast and a bit murky. I thought we might be in for more of the same that we had exeperienced earlier in the week but as Dave pulled up the sun broke through and we walked down to the river in bright sunshine. It turned out that the mayfly were a little later and we had to cover some water to find fish that were rising but we got there and Dave managed our second best fish or the season (13 inches) on a great big may pattern. We had to swap patterns around a fair bit and sometimes the fish would like a more yellow pattern or sometimes a more subtle colouring but he did a great job.

I am so pleased that anglers are catching fish. Our catch board in the hotel is now only a handful of fish away from the entire total of last season already so I guess we must be doing something right.

I’m up on the chalkstreams next week with 2 guests for the week and am really looking forward to it. I stocked up on mayflies at Howard’s last week but didn’t think I’d have used so many down here so I’ll be back again today for more!

Dave into a good one!

Dave into a good one!

Fly fishing in Devon

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Well, we’ve had some serious rain at last and I am pleased to say that I have seen a number of salmon moving into our beats. I was on the water with a guest and although the water was against us we counted 7 salmon showing in one pool. I guess the sea trout will be doing the same so watch this space!

It was good to meet up with friends old and new at the Devon County Show today and I have another couple of days to go. I really enjoy it and sounds like we have some good weather for the final couple of days.

Richard the trout slayer came back for another day yesterday and despite feeling a little under the weather he fished his whatsits off again and had a number of fish. We had to head high to find some fishable water so I decided on showing him Dartmoor. We covered some ground and fished short with small dries. The fish liked a black version of a scruffy klink in a size 20 and we had to throw the winning fly away as it had been chewed beyond repair.

It was really nice showing him a new spot and he also has developed a love affair with fishing “pocket water” I think we’d both like to have seen the size of the fish that broke him but sometimes its things like that which keep you coming back for more!


Dry as a dry thing…

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

It’s been a bit like the Caribbean of late where we just get a short burst of rain and the weather picks up a bit afterwards. This has meant that the rivers are pretty low right now. This doesn’t seem to have hurt the trout fishing a great deal and the numbers of trout caught on the hotel’s waters are already 1/3 of the total of what they were last year. So if the quality of the fishing continues we should be in for a big year. We’ve had trout to 14 inches and plenty in the 10 to 12 inch range.

I heard of a 6lb salmon coming out just a few miles downstream and so they are not far off now. This is where some rain would come in handy and bring them to us!

We have had plenty of happy fishermen and women who have left some nice comments of late and have enjoyed what we are trying to do with our fly fishing school.

Hi Pete,

Thanks for the lesson on Sunday.

Trout was lovely for dinner. They cooked it really well.

Hope to be able to come out again and get some time on the river.



Hi Pete —

Thanks very much for a good day’s fishing; I greatly enjoyed it, and I
certainly will be back.



Hello Pete

Many thanks for the coaching yesterday – I feel I learnt lots of useful things and am greatly looking forward to getting to the water to try things out again.

With best wishes