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Here’s to 2013

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Today, to clear the head a little, Emma and I decided a walk along my beloved Taw was in order. It was a perfect idea and a nice walk.

I love to see the river at times when I can’t fish it and as I walk along it I wonder how some of the features may be just a little different to the previous season. Spots where I know there will be a fish or at least hope there will be a fish may have just changed.

Where we walked is a spot I love to guide but also to fish myself. There is a nice little mix of water that lends itself well to both dry fly and nymph fishing and there are a couple of pools that are good holding spots for both salmon and sea trout too.

As we walked along the beat there was some wind, there always is there, but it would have been on the anglers back. I could imagine a nice little hatch of Large Darks trickling off.

It will be good to get out on the Taw again; I will have to wait a bit though, I don’t mind.

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Desert Island Fly Fishing Books

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

If you are a dedicated fly fisher, it is closed season and you have tied up all the flies that you need then the next best thing is to sit down with a book and read about someone else going fly fishing. I own plenty of “how to” books but personally I find reading about other peoples fly fishing experiences the next best thing to being there myself. I went and had a look at the large collection of books I own and thought which ones would I take with me if I had to spend a long time away from fishing and couldn’t go myself. They are in no particular order and are a few that if you haven’t already read might be of interest.

Wisdom of the Guides– Paul Arnold talks to a number guides based out in the Rocky Mountains about how they approach fly fishing.

Knee Deep In Montana’s Trout Streams– John Holt takes us to some of his favourite fly fishing holes in Montana. V witty.

Hooked- Fly Fishing Through Russia– Fen Montaigne travels Russia with a fly rod. Not just about fishing but also how tough life can be out there.

Confessions of a Fly Fishing Addict– Nick Lyons in his usual amusing style covers many fly fishing topics including fishing chalkstreams.

Fly Fishing Through the Midlife Crisis– Howell Raines uses fly fishing as a metaphor for his life and growing older.

The Earth is Enough–  12 year old Harry Middleton moves in with his grandfather and uncle and learns about life and fly fishing.

Chalkstream Chronicle– Neil Patterson uproots from London and moves to his dream house on a chalkstream.

Splitting Cane– Ed Engle speaks to 16 bamboo rod makers about the hows and whys of rod making.

Cast Again– Jennifer Olsson, Montana guide, recounts days on the river. Shes a college buddy of The Dude too.

Pursuit of Wild Trout– Mike Weaver covers fly fishing in Devon along with a few of his favourite destinantions.

Trout Bum– The first book by John Gierach and his best.


Hope you enjoy!

Pete Tyjas

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