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In the ring of the rise……..

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Thursday was a turning point for the change from early season fishing to the fish getting into the spots where you would expect, and hope, them to be. We’ve had some pretty good hatches of large dark olives, medium olives and some nice march browns too just to spice things up a bit.

MFD works his magic

The low, clear water along with good hatches has meant the fish have had more than half an eye on what is going on at the surface, but as ever the good old pheasant tailed bead head does the business when fishing deeper.

Rob covers a riser

I thoroughly enjoyed our casting day yesterday. I think it is better to call it a casting and fishing techniques dayas we packed loads in to the morning covering casts for the rivers and methods of fishing; both more modern along with traditional. We had 4 of us instructing and Emma taking some pictures as there was a good turnout. We then headed in for a well earned carvery and a team fishing session afterwards. Although I am on the water most days I didn’t fish a great deal last year so I am going to do my best to see if I can do a bit more. It was nice landing a good 11 incher though!

John covers the far bank

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