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Archive for October, 2013

Some time soon

Friday, October 25th, 2013

It’s too soon to start moaning about the weather so I’ll bite my lip for a bit. It is the same for all of us right now and I doubt I’d be catching fish anywhere. MFD, fingers crossed we’ll get out!

What this unsettled spell has done is to really re-ignite my fly tying. I have been busying myself tying shrimps, tubes and of course grayling bugs. My main worry is that by December my fly boxes will be full to bursting point!

I had a conversation with a pal the other day about tying patterns. Part of me finds it very hard not to deviate a little from a pattern by just making a little change that in my mind, long before I actually try it for real on the river, might make a difference and swing the odds my way. That having been said, one of the patterns I’ve been tying, the Cascade, seems to work just fine as it is and catches salmon just about anywhere so why change it?


When it comes to grayling bugs I have tweaked a few old style Czech nymph patterns just to see if they’ll come up with the goods.

Issue 23 of Eat, Sleep, Fish is just about finished bar the last few articles. I can’t believe we are fast approaching our second anniversary. It seems to have flown by and I am loving putting it together. It is a real labour of love and the chance to give something back to a pastime that still gives me so much pleasure.

So, it’s back to the vice for me until the rivers drop, one of the best times to be on the river looking for grayling!





The End? Don’t think so!

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

The season started with a gathering of good friends and finished in the company of family.

I always keep the last day of the season for myself so that I can go fishing. Make a few casts in spots I’d liked the look of when I was working or just some pools I didn’t get a chance to fish this year.

Last Taw trout of the season

Last Taw trout of the season

It is at this time that it would be easy to sign off but there is still lots of fishing to be done and when the weather isn’t so good tie some flies but this a while off yet.

I started yesterday with my trout rod and a few tried and trusted nymphs. I could have said “what the hell” and stuck with a dry but I fancied nymph fishing. I caught some fish and the last one was the nicest I caught and so it felt right to stop right there. We are so lucky in Devon to be able to catch  wild fish from our rivers.

Favourite view of my dream house!

Favourite view of my dream house!

I met Emma and Charlie for lunch at the hotel. They had been running an afternoon tea deal throughout the season that I really fancied the look of but sadly it had just been taken off. We were lucky that Al, the head chef, said he’d do it for us and we were treated to sandwiches with home baked bread, home made scones and a selection of mini lemon tarts, eclairs, strawberry tarts and finished off with chocolate truffles.

Emma covers Millers Pool

Emma covers Millers Pool

Charlie left us and Em and I as we got into our waders and headed to the river in search of salmon. I caught a small sea trout and Emma was briefly attached to something sizeable that we didn’t get a look at but that was it.

We fished hard and long and left the river at 7pm where we went back to the hotel for a well earned chip butty.

One last cast

One last cast

So, the season on the Taw has ended but there is still plenty of fishing to look forward to and plans for the next trips are already underway!

Next issue of Eat, Sleep, Fish will be out in the next week or so. I have written another piece of Montana and our trip to Scotland.