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Archive for July, 2013

A river somewhere

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

Toby and I had been told about a stream that took some finding, involved a hike to get to but would be worth it if we got there.

We managed to find it and forged a path through overgrown scrub that included wading tearing brambles to where we eventually decided to get in and fish. I say eventually as we managed to fight our way through, take a look at what looked like a sweet pool only to look downstream and see what looked like an even sweeter water so we’d walk some more.

The other thing we noticed was the bow waves from the spooked fish that sensed we were about. The water was low, really low. I was starting to think my 2wt line was going to be too heavy.

At last we settled on a spot we both agreed would be good to fish from.

Toby was first up and expertly landed his fly where I would have chosen too. The fish bolted spooked by the fly alighting on the surface of the water.

We saw rising fish in the slower stretches of slighly deeper water but again they would spook at the fly landing on the water. We’d scaled everything down as much as we could but found fishing heads, seams and the water just below the heads of pools the most productive.

We were hidden under a dense canopy of trees that meant I fished without my sunnies. It was probably the longest I have done so but there was just no other way of seeing my flies on the water. Even tying on flies was difficult not just for me but for Toby’s younger eyes too.

Flies were changed when a settled fish refused them but we spent most of the time fishing small midge and caddis patterns and when we hooked fish we did our best to keep them out of the pools to try and avoid putting any other fish down.

We walked and fished a long distance and found the smaller pools and pots gave us a better chance of not spooking fish and when the heat rose some more and the sun hit the water we headed home.

It doesn’t matter what the name of the stream is or where it is. I wouldn’t tell anyway. It was just one of the magical fishing days.

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New Water

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

I got a call from a farmer in our village. It sort of went along the lines of “you know that bit of stream that I have running through my land?, wanna fish it?”

You can probably guess the answer. We arranged to meet at 7pm as I didn’t have a spare day as work has been a little crazy.

The stream is small, overgrown and hasn’t been fished for quite sometime. The farmer is the only person who has fished it and he hasn’t done that for a while.

I asked him what he used when he last fished it expecting the reply to be a Mepps but I was really pleased to hear that he only fished it with a Tups dry fly.

I had my 7ft 10″ 2wt and on seeing the amount of branches cut my leader right back. This was proper jungle warfare stuff where bow and arrow casts and roll casts would rule.

I tied on a dry to my 5ft leader and followed John downstream. He showed me a few spots that he thought there might be a chance of making a cast, so I did. First cast I drifted a fly just a short distance downstream where a small trout hit it. I missed it.

We got into the spot where John originally wanted me to fish but nothing happened. Next pool though and I had a fish. John watched excitedly as I brought the first fish in followed by another.

This is how the evening went and we packed up when it was too dark to tie on another fly. We lost count of the fish caught but it wasn’t about that.

I can fish it when I like now and with a little bit of pruning it could be a great little bit of fishing.

Keep an eye out for the next issue of Eat, Sleep, Fish in the next few days.

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