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In Praise of Fly fishing Guides

It is the time of year that any full time fly fishing guide will be busy out on the water showing people their rivers or lakes and helping them catch a few fish. Speaking to friends up and down the country it certainly seems the case for them and I am pleased.

Setting up on a mystery river with Chris

These guys I know, fish with, and hugely respect are out there doing it and not, as one pal termed it, “keyboard warriors” hiding behind a PC screen living in a virtual fishing world.

First of the day for me

The real guys are grabbing fishing time for themselves at the end of the day or just in small windows if they come up, and savouring every moment.

Guiding is a small market place and many of us talk to each other. I have been lucky to fish with some of the best over the years and feel very priviledged to have done so.

Beautiful wild brown trout

In future issue of Eat, Sleep, Fish I hope to try and promote the work of the guys out there and share some great, amusing stories too!

Fishing for me, has to take a back seat bar next Thursday and I am hoping that the weather settles, the mays have started to hatch, there are a few hawthorn about and the trout are rising. I love my job!

So fellow guides out there I salute you, hope it goes well and look forward to fishing with you sometime soon.

Devon Fly Fishing Instructor and Guide – Pete Tyjas


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