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I sometimes worry that I am getting a little fair-weather in my old age but given the choice between sitting in front of a computer or going out fishing and braving it, it isn’t a hard choice.

Taw trout for Mark

When it is really, seriously cold you have to make sure you have the right amount of layers on. Something I thought I had done but found out I was at least 4 layers too light.

Another one

Make sure you have the appropriate stupid hat. It may look stupid, but I have found the more stupid it looks the more it keeps you warm. I had partly done this  but the cap with a beenie stretched over it didn’t look stupid enough so I was therefore not warm enough.

Don’t forget a Hot Rox. It is a great piece of gear that you charge up over night and then you switch it on and it keeps you hands warm for up to 6 hours. Emma got me one for the start of last season. It has been a lifesaver. I left it in the car this time. I think this is something to do with my opening sentence about old age. So, as a result of this, tying on flies was rather more problematic than normal. In fact a lot more problematic as I could neither hold the flies/leader or  thread the leader through the fly.  Lesson learnt.

Hot Rox best kept in pocket not left in car

The really good news was that the feeling didn’t come back to my fingers for a while so I stayed off of the computer for even longer. I am sure there’s something deep hidden in that.

I haven’t gone all soft or anything it was just really cold. That is early season and how it goes sometimes. I hear the wind is swinging round Friday so we might just be fishing with a little less tungsten in the short term!

Issue 16 of Eat, Sleep, Fish out tomorrow 4th April

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