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Man Pile

Before you think this is some sort of condition that us fishing guides get from standing in a river all day you needn’t worry. So please feel free to read on.

I can’t work this weekend for obvious weather related reasons. I’m not going to bitch about it, it is early season and these things happen and after the tragic events that have taken place in Looe, a missed day’s fishing seems hardly relevant.

So I have been doing one of my other favourite activities. Sorting out the wood pile. A wood pile is an area that only men really like to frequent, sort of like a lit barbecue.

I’d love to say that I strode out this morning in a flannel shirt, axed down a tree and then split the logs. I didn’t.

We had a delivery of logs from a local farmer and we carefully stacked them for what we thought would be a good season of drying but given how cold it is it looks more likely they might get thrown on the log burner a little sooner.

You’ll see I mentioned “we” when I said stacked. I did the last lot a short time ago and was pretty pleased with my efforts. Emma helped me today and I have to say I was a little nervous as I had already planned how and where I was going to place them but after a little bit of time at The Devon School of Log Stacking she had it sussed.

In case the weather continues in a similar vein as last season it might just be a nice little sideline to the guiding business!

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4 Responses to “Man Pile”

  1. KP Says:

    Bit of a log jam thing going on matey. Guess that must have been the ones Emma stacked. 🙂
    I would start again 🙂

  2. petesblog Says:

    KP, all my own work. It is more of a rustic, artistic almost jaunty placing of the logs but with the way the weather is I might just unstack and start again!

  3. Jan Till Says:

    Hey Pete. Glad to hear that you aren’t blaming Emma for the “rustic” approach to log stacking!
    Fed up with the weather here too, so have been tying, and tying and tying!

  4. petesblog Says:

    Hi Jan, I wouldn’t dream of it. If Em did it, it would be nicely stacked in size and shape order. My “stacking” takes place from about 10 feet away and involves a well aimed (not always!) lob so that it hopefully lands safely enough not to cause a mini landslide.

    Know what you mean about the weather. I went out for salmon today and was freezing. Came back and have just tied a few more flies. Lost count of how many I have tied over winter and in hindsight large parts of last summer too!