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Devon School of Fly Fishing Team blog

Eat, Sleep, Fish 15

Wow, I can’t believe we are at Issue 15 of Eat, Sleep, Fish. It has been hard but hugely enjoyable work and we get a real kick when we receieve messages of support for what we are trying to do and how readers enjoy each issue. When I say trying to do, all it really means is to spread the word about the passion we all love – fly fishing.

We decided at the off that we didn’t want to make a penny from it, have no ads and that anyone can share a fly fishing story or adventure. We firmly believe that everyone has a tip or a story to share and so we put the ezine together.

We also made sure that all of the reviews have been for tackle that we have actually bought and use so that they aren’t adverts just write ups of gear we like and want to tell you about.

If you have enjoyed ESF all we have asked is you tell a fly fishing buddy about it and if there are ways we can make it better we’ll listen and do our best to make the improvements.

We hope you enjoy Issue 15!  Eat, Sleep, Fish

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