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Man Pile

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Before you think this is some sort of condition that us fishing guides get from standing in a river all day you needn’t worry. So please feel free to read on.

I can’t work this weekend for obvious weather related reasons. I’m not going to bitch about it, it is early season and these things happen and after the tragic events that have taken place in Looe, a missed day’s fishing seems hardly relevant.

So I have been doing one of my other favourite activities. Sorting out the wood pile. A wood pile is an area that only men really like to frequent, sort of like a lit barbecue.

I’d love to say that I strode out this morning in a flannel shirt, axed down a tree and then split the logs. I didn’t.

We had a delivery of logs from a local farmer and we carefully stacked them for what we thought would be a good season of drying but given how cold it is it looks more likely they might get thrown on the log burner a little sooner.

You’ll see I mentioned “we” when I said stacked. I did the last lot a short time ago and was pretty pleased with my efforts. Emma helped me today and I have to say I was a little nervous as I had already planned how and where I was going to place them but after a little bit of time at The Devon School of Log Stacking she had it sussed.

In case the weather continues in a similar vein as last season it might just be a nice little sideline to the guiding business!

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Devon Fly Fishing Guide – Pete Tyjas

Devon Fly Fishing Guide

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

The season is underway and it has been great to get on the water with people again. There has been rain and a fair bit of it at times but I’m not going to whine. It is March after all and things can be a little erratic. this time last year I was guiding in shirt sleeves. They say variety is good and I’m not going to argue.

I have been keeping a eye out for large dark olives and yesterday (Tuesday) I saw my first one. I am hoping this continues along with some good settled weather.

Philip makes a circle spey with his switch rod

I got a nice email from Philip after some tuition this week.

Thank you for all the information Pete it will be very useful it was brilliant.
 Your enthusiasm must be infectious , I am looking forward even more
to some great sport this year.  Many thanks Phil

My fly boxes are full and my waders are only leaking a little. I am hoping that a new pair arrives soonish and I plan to rotate to see if I can get a little longer out of them.

Barry nymphing in a rapidly rising Taw!

It was great to see The Wild Trout Trust auction raise over £52,000. I put an auction lot in with the hotel every year and was pleased to learn the person who won it last year won it again this year. I’m looking forward to seeing him on the Taw in May.

In the meantime I am getting Issue 16 of Eat, Sleep, Fish ready and it looks like there will be some nice stuff in it that we hope you’ll enjoy.

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Opening time

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

March 15th has felt a long time coming but when I got up the weather wasn’t as good as the previous day but on checking the river it was perfectly fishable.

We were due to meet at 9.30am but I knew some of the guys would be a little early and it made me smile to see my buddy RFH just a few cars in front of me at 8.15am. I think he had slept as much as me the previous night and was equally excited.

Coffee drunk and beats sorted we hit the water in search of trout. We caught some too and the day finished perfectly with a couple of drinks and some fishing banter.

I am just writing an article for Eat, Sleep, Fish that will be out early April.

The next day was my first proper one of the new season and on checking the webcam I saw the river up 4ft.

Brett was cool about it and we spent the morning casting and we arranged for him to come back in May. Hopefully conditions will be a little more friendly when he hits the river for the first time!

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Almost there….

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

The waders only have a small leak and I have some new ones on order. I have checked the fishing vest and I have everything I need. There is a new leader on my fly line and I have tied to motherlode of flies over winter. Looks like I am ready to go and hit the river. Friday I shall be doing just that in the company of some like minded people I am lucky enough to call friends.

What more do I need? Not a lot really. The weather might suck but I don’t really care. I am just looking forward to fishing the river I love so much and if I am lucky enough I might even catch a fish.

We gather bright and early, have a coffee, swap stories and do some fishing. It is more of a social event more than anything else but I really enjoy it and we all have a few drinks afterwards as well.

If you are out I hope you have a great one and enjoy the day!

Fly Fishing in Devon – Pete Tyjas Fly Fishing Guide

Eat, Sleep, Fish


Out there

Friday, March 8th, 2013

It has been nice to get out and wet a line. The weather imposed embargo on fishing has lifted for a bit and I’ve been lucky enough to catch a few grayling and cast in a few salmon pools too.

The river bank is the perfect place to witness nature yawn a little, have a stretch and slowly get things in motion.  Wild garlic, daffodils and snowdrops are about and I have seen the odd large dark olive and witnessed today a really big hatch of midges. There are lots of other things too but for some reason at this time of the year I always keep a note of these little events. I guess it coincides with the start of the trout season.

On Wednesday I was armed with nymphs and caught a majority of grayling that way but later on I came across a little pool with a few rising fish. I was fishing my nymph leader and despite the fact I tied on a dry, an F fly, (with a shuck) and caught a couple. That was enough for me and again another milestone in waving goodbye to winter.

Issue 15 of Eat, Sleep, Fish is now out. I hope you enjoy it.

Devon School of Fly Fishing – Fly Fishing in Devon

Eat, Sleep, Fish 15

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Wow, I can’t believe we are at Issue 15 of Eat, Sleep, Fish. It has been hard but hugely enjoyable work and we get a real kick when we receieve messages of support for what we are trying to do and how readers enjoy each issue. When I say trying to do, all it really means is to spread the word about the passion we all love – fly fishing.

We decided at the off that we didn’t want to make a penny from it, have no ads and that anyone can share a fly fishing story or adventure. We firmly believe that everyone has a tip or a story to share and so we put the ezine together.

We also made sure that all of the reviews have been for tackle that we have actually bought and use so that they aren’t adverts just write ups of gear we like and want to tell you about.

If you have enjoyed ESF all we have asked is you tell a fly fishing buddy about it and if there are ways we can make it better we’ll listen and do our best to make the improvements.

We hope you enjoy Issue 15!  Eat, Sleep, Fish

Fly Fishing in Devon

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

1st March marks the start of the salmon season on the river Taw down here in Devon. Because where I work and fish is a fair way up the system the chances of connecting with a fish is, at best, a long shot. That having been said I am a firm believer in the fact the fish don’t read the books or anything else. They just do what they do and if they can make their way up river they will.

Rob makes the first cast of the season

I met up with Rob to mark the occassion and he was great company and an excellent fisherman. We fished long and hard and without success but it was just good being there after what has felt like a really long winter.

The Taw

The anchors on my speys looked OK and I really felt like I had covered the water, mixed my angles and approaches and think I couldn’t have done any more.

Wild Garlic

I like to fish what appears a long, slow pool in an unconventional manner. We gave it a go and I have to admit that I almost screamed with excitement when I saw the flash of what I first thought was a salmon attacking the fly I was stripping through the pool. It turned out to be a really nice trout that I am pleased to say didn’t connect. The takes in this pool are very visual and we have seen both salmon and some large sea trout come out after a fly. It might make the purists shudder a little but it seems to work pretty well and I always try and fish with “there are no rules” when it comes to fishing.

It doesn’t matter if it is written in a book. If you have a hunch and it is a little different, Go for it! Sometimes these things pay off and you have learnt something new that helps you enjoy the sport we love so much even more.

Issue 15 of Eat, Sleep, Fish will be out next week

Devon School of Fly Fishing – Fly Fishing in Devon