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First off I have to say sorry that I haven’t been blogging of late. the main reason has been the ezine has been taking up a lot of the time and the blog has got left behind. I try and do it as often as possible and will get back into the saddle once again. Sorry Paul!

The other poor excuse is that my camera got a bit of a battering and looked like it was going to join the various other cameras that reside in the graveyard for dunked cameras but it looks like it has decided to work again so I guess I have no excuses!

This is way ahead of schedule but I thought I’d mention it anyway. At the start of each season I keep my fingers crossed that I’ll still be able to thread a fly without the need of any magnification. It is great relief (so far) that I haven’t needed to worry but it is always something I think about.

The thought of long sighted glasses doesn’t bother me and I have always liked the thought of “interviewing” one of Charlie’s (our daughter) boyfriends whilst leaning against the mantlepiece asking him what his prospects are and if he fishes, whilst eyeing the shotguns on the wall and watching him over the top of my reading glasses. This hasn’t happened yet for a few reasons

1. We don’t have a mantlepiece.

2. We don’t have shotguns mounted on the wall.

3. Her boyfriends so far have been irritatingly nice

The other reason is that Emma had an eye test the other day and I picked up the test for long sightedness and I could read the hardest to read line with ease. I have also just tied up some size 20 flies and threaded them with some tippet so we might just be OK but it is still a way off ’til the start of the season!

Filler pic from Sep on the Deveron

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