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The End

I make the same promise every year. It isn’t too hard and it is a nice one to try and stick to but up until now I haven’t stuck too. It’s simple – to fish some more. looing back as the river season is now over I think I have managed it.

This is despite the weather and mainly due to Eat, Sleep, Fish. I’ve been so lucky to fish new and differing water, meet some great people and to catch a few fish. I have been amazed by the genorosity of fellow anglers in showing me their Home Waters.

Like I said at the beginning weather has been a big factor and it affected my guiding work more so than in all the time I have been doing this but what it did do was give us good water for salmon. I can’t think of a time I have had a salmon rod in the truck and felt this might be a good time to swing a fly. It worked a couple of times for me and I really enjoyed my two salmon.

The last day of guiding was due to be bass but the high winds kept us off of the water. I opted to have a last go for salmon and watched a few run through. I really worked the water partly, I guess, because the clock was ticking down but I had a salmon on briefly that seemed like a good time to end the season.

Not being able to work the last day sucked a little but meant my last day of guiding on the 29th ended on a high. I was guiding first time salmon angler Josh for salmon.

When we met over coffee he told me he’d been awaiting the day for 6 months having booked it March and was awake at 3am with excitement. As a guide I’ll never say we’ll have some fish but on the way to the beat I told him I really did feel we were in with a chance as conditions were really good.

We fished a few pools but all was quiet. Heading to one of my favourite pools Josh was soon latched on to a salmon that we returned and headed for lunch. We were both over the moon!

I took Josh to another beat in the afternoon and showed him a way I like to fish the water. He did everything perfectly and salmon number two was on. This time a slightly smaller hen fish. After some photos Josh popped the fish back. It seemed the perfect way to end a season.

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