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Feeling it…

The river has been out of sorts again and after tying flies over Saturday I was hitting the Taw on Sunday. As the river still had a tinge of colour and some height, bugs were the choice and my trusty PTNs were the flies of choice. I did pretty well and had some nice fish, infact they were biting really well and I had a good number before I headed back home for lunch.

Emma suggested I hit another river in the afternoon and so I did just that. This one takes a little longer to clear and had just a little morre height than I normally like. My flies were getting down but it didn’t feel right so I made a decision to head off back to the Taw and a different beat. The one I chose is fed by a trib of the Taw and that was still pushing a little and by fishing just off of the flow I hit a few trout.

I walked upstream a little to a spot that I like to guide for daytime sea trout. Just below it is one of my favourite salmon pools. As I was fishing for the trout I kept a eye on the salmon pool as it is a place where they will often show. I realised I was getting that niggling feeling, the water was good it was really humid, it’ll only take a me 10 mins to walk back to the truck and get the salmon gear out and ready. “Sod it”. I did just that and was soon back making a few casts. It felt right.

About 4 casts later the line went tight and I lifted into a salmon. It was a strong fish that I could already tell had been in the river a little. I played the fish just the right side of a little hard as I wanted to make sure it got back.

You have to excuse the photo as I netted the salmon, took a quick snap and made sure it got back quickly.

It’s funny how often your gut tells you something and more often than not it is quite correct!

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