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Fly Fishing Devon

On the river where I work, other than those late dusk times when I have finished work for the day, it is unusual to come across a pool that is alive with feeding trout. I don’t mean a few risers here and there. I mean a full on fish frenzy with a pool of fish rising like mad. It happens from time to time and happened the other day. The guest I was guiding and I were heading up the river a bit. The reason for this was the river was just dropping back and the fish were holding right off of the main flow and we were finding slower pools were providing the best chance of a fish.

I told him that there always seem to be rising fish in the pool we were heading to and when we got there it was exactly the case. I don’t mean this to sound all prophet like, it just always seems to have a few risers in it. This was also against a background where he had placed a superb cast into where I thought there would be a fish and I was saying “this is so going to be a fish” that proved to be wrong just about every time, but I often say it just so that my guest is primed ready to hit one of our super fast fish. Well, thats my excuse anyway!

So the fish are rising like crazy. It looks like they are on the emerger stage of a real small trickle of olives. We’d been fishing tungsten beaded nymph to get us down a bit but we lightened up to just a copper bead to get us into the strike zone. First cast the dry dipped and we were in. So the set up worked and we looked up towards the head of the pool where it was clear the bigger boys were moving.

These guys were feeding agressively and we had a couple of them on but we were in an enclosed spot with snags a plenty and they knew exactly what the drill was. Wrap the leader on whatever you can find. I don’t think my guest could do any more than he did they were just big bully fish and got the better of us.

I had to admit that my life flashed in front of me when one of the bigger fish headed towards me so I quickly closed my legs and hopped behind my guest as I was terrified that the dry would snag on my legs.

It is for moments like this that I love fly fishing so much. OK a few got away but it was a great feat of fishing and it would have been nice to see them but my guest was thrilled to have done what he did and to see what we did. It was pretty neat!

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