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Right then, best I hold my hands up and apologise for the late post. We have all been run off of our feet but too much wind has stopped me from taking people out bassing today so I can hopefully get things a little more up to date.

Work has meant that I haven’t got to go fishing myself but the river has been in great shape and we’re catching fish. I was up on Dartmoor guiding Jason last weekend in some interesting wind. I think at one stage we had shortened the leader to 4ft or so but the fish didn’t seem to mind that too much and using a few of Jason’s beetle patterns we had a great day.

The lower river has been fishing its whatsits off although we have been getting all sorts of hatches that have made fly selection interesting but fun. It feels to me that caddis (sedges) are a little earlier than normal and the huge midge hatches have been awesome.

It has been fun seeing the big sea trout show themselves and I am determined to get out one night next week to have a go.

Eat, Sleep, Fish should be out on Monday. We decided to hold fire a few days as a lot of people will be away celebrating the jubilee but I am thrilled that we have got, thanks to Jim’s skill, a subscription section that will ensure that you will receive the ezine in your inbox if you sign up. There will be no spam or offers just an email once a month letting you know ESF is out.

Enjoy your fishing!

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