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Dries and some more…

The season is in full swing now and I have decided the blog this year is going to be more about my fishing adventures rather than work pics but I can assure you that anything special caught will be mentioned. The other reason for this is that it will mean that I will make sure that I stick to my promise (same one for the last few years) to do some more fishing. Tilting the blog that way means I shall hopefully adhere to it.

The fishing has been really interesting. I’ve been mixing the methods I have been fishing and have enjoyed them . There is nothing more fun than working a piece of water with a nymph and the hunch pays off or pitching a dry fly into the right spot. The dry has been working pretty well from the off; this and the warm, settled weather has helped this cause. It might be easy to tie on the good old faithful duo or NZ rig which is great but it is nice to try and be a little more thoughtful about approaches.

Taw trout

I was on the Usk last week doing an article for the ezine and we were discussing changing tactics according to the pool we were going to fish and how this can affect the chances of success. As a guide this is something I think about a lot when working and rather than stringing up what worked the other day I like to constantly tinker with things to make sure they get the most from the pool I am fishing.

Like I said the dry has done pretty well. I have seen Large Darks, March Browns and loads of midges. The fish are starting to be in the sort of places we expect them to be, having spooked some from some really unusual spots last week and I have had just dry fly sessions using attractor dries when things are quiet. It’s been fun.

River Taw

I thoroughly enjoyed the casting day on Sunday for the Crediton Club. I think this is the 7th year I’ve done it and I try and make sure things keep evolving to make it interesting. This year I concentrated more on tackle and fishing techniques along with some casting too.

Plump Taw trout on a dry

Tomorrow will be an interesting one. I am teaching Spey Casting in the morning and in the afternoon we have 20 new fly anglers. The thing that has alarmed me the most about this is that I have plenty enough tackle for them I think I might have a tackle hoarder problem!

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