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Archive for January, 2012

Bugs and Mags

Friday, January 27th, 2012

The drop in temperature has meant I have been adding some weight to the nymphs I’ve been fishing. I’ll fish nymphs in a combination of ways and enjoy them all. I was out the other day there was still a tinge of colour in the water so I went for a double bead head and it worked really well. It seems there are a variety of thoughts of the colour of the bead you tie on and the colour used. Orange is my favourite bead colour at the moment and I like using it in the conditions I have just described but have also started to snip off copper/gold beads in favour of orange for faster water working on the basis there is a bit more to catch the trout’s/grayling’s eye. As ever, mine are tied to fit the simple requirements – quick to tie, doesn’t matter if they get lost and they catch fish!

I published #2 of Eat, Sleep, Fish today. I think it looks pretty good and have been bowled over by the help I’ve received and the sheer numbers that have read it. We have all been amazed and really pleased. We’re not trying to be clever or smart, just share our love of fly fishing with other anglers.

A special thanks to Jim for your skills and enthusiasm.

I hope you enjoy it!       Eat, Sleep, Fish

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Fly fishing in Devon

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

The weather is all sort of mixed up still. When we drove up to meet Jim and Ian the other day there were daffodils out in the next village and it was a good 12 degrees and on the river there was a really nice little hatch of Large Dark Olives.

It is often the time of year when some talk about refilling their fly boxes but there are grayling and pike to be caught, along with the small stillwaters that offer a good winter fix of fly fishing.

I have tied a few flies but can’t seem to get into the same groove as this time last year but suspect it has something to do with the lack of snow! Those I’ve tied have been mayflies and a few variations on nymph patterns that worked well last year.

It was good to be out teaching today and to meet up with brothers Alan and Brian. They both like to fish small stillwaters although Alan lives right on the banks of the Teign. He is also off to New Zealand in a few weeks time. Although his trip is business related he has managed to get a few day’s fishing on the North Island.

They are both self taught and wanted some help with their casting. They had done a really good job and it was just a case of refining a few things. This meant we could play with casts for different fishing situations whilst showing them loop control and getting the most from their rods and lines. We also played with some different fly lines so they could see the differences between short headed and long headed lines and how to get the best from them.

We also hopped down to the river to get an idea of what the differences between still and moving water fishing are.

Man, I hate my job!


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At the grave of a fisherman

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Emma and I popped up the A303 for a couple of days. First day, we had a look around Winchester. It is a really nice city with a cathedral just round the back of the town centre. Now, I have to hold my hands up and say I am not a wander round church, or in this case, cathedral, sort of person but I had remembered that Izaak Walton is buried in the cathedral along with a cool stained glass window. So, after a great lunch we had a look around the cathedral and eventually found the grave and window. I can’t claim it was a pilgrimage but it was good to go visit a grave of someone who has had one of the biggest impacts on fishing…ever.

We stayed over and next day I met up with my good friends Jim Williams and Ian May to catch a few grayling, take a few pics and talk about Eat, Sleep Fish. They have both been instrumental in it from the beginning and we thought we should have a meet up and chat things through since we unleashed Issue 1 on the world.

They are both excellent fishermen and photographers too and Ian came armed with just his camera gear as the weather was so good. Jim and I caught some fish and even a few on dries, which was fun. We talked, laughed a lot and have some great things planned for the future. Issue 2 will see the start of this and I promise it will be worth it!

I am going to release #2 at the end of the month and there is some great stuff in it, not just from the U.K., but around the world too and it’s looking really, really good.

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