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Devon School of Fly Fishing Team blog

Something new….

I have to say I thoroughly enjoy writing this blog and have always made sure that I try and update it once a week. It is easy to commit to these sorts of things and then, after a few months, the interest wanes and the blog dies a slow death. I find I am using it more now as a means to talk about a few things I notice on the river along with a few fishing trips I go on.

Over the last year or so I have been working on expanding this a bit further into something a little bigger. As I see it the world wide web is such a great tool for connecting with people and for sharing news, views and gossip.

I was lucky enough to be fishing in Montana with Ray (The Dude) and it struck me, whilst sitting on a rock in a wonderful stream called Rock Creek, to come up with the idea for an ezine where people could share with others their love of fly fishing. The idea grew and a few months later I was talking to some good friends about the concept to see if it had legs or not. The feedback I got back was yes and so Eat, Sleep, Fish started to come to life.

I spoke to my most excellent web and design dudes who built the site and designed a logo and I managed to teach myself a little about how to put things together.

The main thing about ESF is that it will be a non profit venture and that anyone can contribute, if they want to. There are so many people out there who are great fishermen, whom we can learn from and let’s face it, we all love hearing about someone’s day on the water and so I hope that ESF will be a tool that will enable people to share their passion.

So here it is, Eat, Sleep, Fish. I hope you enjoy it and get what we are trying to do.  As ever feedback is welcomed!

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