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Fly Fishing in Devon

Although the river season has ended down in here in Devon we are still busy with fly fishing instruction and I was lucky enough to have a couple of days with David who was a novice starting on a fly fishing career.

Over coffee we discussed how the days would be structured and it is nice to explain how the tackle works in nice comfy chairs before hitting the water. That having been done on the lake it quickly became apparent that David was going to sail through everything. I really like this when it happens as it means we can play with the casts a little showing little tweeks that make David think, as an angler how best to get his fly out to the fish which, at the end of the day, is what it is all about.

We ended the first day with David having something for the chefs to cook for his dinner and with him having started to double haul in earnest and he was keen to try his hand after bass. We hit the estuary and it was beautiful weather with the sea like a mill pond and no wind; perfect for a newcomer. Sadly the fish weren’t showing, David hit the nail on on the head and said there was no better place to practice your casting.

David ties his first fly

After a few hours we headed back for lunch as he had also showed an interest in tying flies. I thought it would be a neat idea for him to tie his own fly and then we would try and catch a fish on it. I showed him how to tie a simple buzzer and he tied 3 of his own and then proceeded to catch fish on them. I showed him how to fish a static buzzer, slowly retrieved and then with a greased up leader. Again he came up with the goods and the fish of the midlands will have something to fear!

I know Davids father in Darwin will be reading and you should be proud.  David- “good on yer!”

Not long after tying the fly David is attached to a fish!

Ending the day we re-capped everything and then finished by nailing the double haul including shooting line into the hauls which was a great achievement. I really enjoyed the tie  and catch aspect and think I’ll be doing more of this with guests over the winter!

I’m still a little jet lagged, but am just back from a fishing trip with my good friend The Dude in Montana. Loads to tell in upcoming blogs so keep watching! Fly Fishing in Devon Fly Fishing tuition, lessons and guiding in Devon

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