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Dust down those dries!

It really feels like the fish have started to wake up now. They are where they I would hope to find them and they are starting to look skywards. With the water still very cool and the north easterly wind we have had slacker, slower water where we have concentrated on landing our flies.

Pam covers a pool

There have been some big hatches of black gnats but I haven’t seen much interest from the fish in them and I was nearly caught out thinking this was what the fish were on on Monday. It turned out by watching for a few moments that there was a tiny hatch of olives happening at the same time that the fish were locked on to. A quick change of fly and we were quickly in business.

The pattern that has worked best this week for me is the sparkle dun but also tying on an olive balloon caddis during the early stages of an olive hatch has brought some fish up too.

Alan into a fish

I had the pleasure of seeing Pam and Alan down for 4 days of guiding. I took them to a variety of venues and can barely remember ever tying on a nymph. We really worked on water craft and it was great to see them land their flies in the right spot and bring the desired response from the fish. I am the worst person to ask how many we caught but all I know was it was quite a few!

Followers of the blog will be pleased to hear that Dave from Portland was back for some guiding on Friday! The weather had turned and it was a lot cooler and wetter than the previous days we had enjoyed and I thought that we needed to head for a more sheltered beat to find fish. It is great when these things work out and Dave did Portland proud with his fishing and his ability to polish off one of the hotels famous steak and kidney pies with a side portion of chips for lunch!

Spot the fish!

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