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Archive for April, 2010

Getting there!

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

It has been really nice to see some more consistent rising trout. Up until a week or so ago it was more a case of an odd rise or “oncer” as I often call them. The nymph has generally reigned supreme with the odd slash at the dry. It feels like things are starting to change now and perhaps the tungsten bead heads will be consigned to the back of the fly box for the time being. I really love this time of year being a fly fishing guide. It isn’t about going through a routine but scanning the water and looking for what stage of the hatch the fish are interested in and in what bug. It can often be the case that you see a large number of one fly on the water but is it the one the fish are taking?

Grannom can often mislead and when you have a large blanket hatch it is easy to miss the odd large dark olives that the fish are really interested in. It was the case with Richard yesterday and the momnet we tied on a compara dun the magic happened!

Comparadun strikes again!

The lake although still looking new has seen plenty of action and was christened with a group of 4 novice anglers. Stephen, Mike, Charlie and Mike all went home having learnt to cast and caught a few fish too.

The guys tackle up!

Gordon has been fishing for a number of years but wanted to learn a few new tricks in presentaion and casting generally. We did this on the lake and then headed down to the river to put it into practice. I also showed him how to fish spider patterns as I know where he fishes and there is a stretch that suits them perfectly!

Gordon swings a few spiders Fly Fishing in Devon Fly Fishing Guides

Starting to happen….

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

We’re just over a month into the fly fishing season in Devon now and it feels as though after the long hard winter the fish are really starting to wake up a bit. I had a great day guiding James yesterday who was a newcomer to fishing our rivers and after going through a few casts on our lake we hopped down to the river to try things out.

James into the first of the day

We’d had a heavy frost and I had worked on the basis it would take a bit of time to warm up and so we did a bit of walking to a few of my favourite spots a little further downstream.  He’d fished the famous chalkstreams a couple of times and I think he liked the more rough and ready look of our wild streams especially when I had him limboing under barbed wire to get to a pool I liked the look of!

The hatches are getting more steady and the river is fishing through to about 4.30pm or so but there just isn’t quite enough warmth later in the day yet. One highlight yesterday was seeing fish rise a little more consistently than the one off affairs of late and seeing fish take an aggressive swipe at a dry is always a great sight.

I had the pleasure of guiding Paul on Monday. It is always a great time we have on the water and after a long lay up and shoulder operation he was rearing to go. We started with a casting tune up and worked on fine tuning hauling and then some single handed spey casting. He wanted to fish some new water so I obliged. As he has a insatiable thirst for knowledge I showed him how to fish spider patterns down and across which was great fun.

Paul strikes!

Our first real big hatch has been grannom and although popular theory is that the fish prefer the ascending pupae than the adult I was fishing the Wye in Wales for a couple of days last week with Ray (The Dude) courtesy of my wonderful wife (thanks Em! X). Anyway, he shouted form the other side of the river that they were taking grannom off the top. There were a few Large Dark Olives around too but not in the same numbers but I thought it might have been these they were taking but trusting his judgement I tied on a balloon caddis and picked up fish. It is funny when you see this but you get back and think about it for a bit and ask yourself a few questions (well, I do!)  The main one was the fish were in or on the edge of pretty fast water making the detection time pretty short for them and so would they have hit a Parachute Adams anyway?. You can sort of go round in circles and end up over analysing and at the end of the day the fish needs to eat and if you can get the fly to him effectively and efficiently then you are in with a chance but most of all it is about enjoying the time on the water!

I get lucky every now and again! Fly Fishing in Devon, fly fishing tuition lessons and fly fishing guide.

Devon fly fishing guide…

Monday, April 12th, 2010

It has been good to be out on the river in warmer weather. The fish are starting to bite a bit more and a few are even taking an interest in the dry. The hatches that have been backed up are starting to get going and I think I have seen more March Browns than last year already. The first few Grannom are also starting to trickle off which should also help liven things up a little.

I am sneaking off to Wales for a couple of days with Ray (The Dude) to try our luck. It is a birthday present for me and part of Rays” leaving the UK tour”. The plan is to head off early, meet up and have a big breakfast somewhere and fish straight through. I have a feeling this will be the pattern for our trip but that’s fine by me! I have tied up a few “left field” flies that have had a bit of success here but I want to see what the Welsh trout make of them.

Mark had his first time on our rivers in Devon and took to it really, really well. It is always nice to get an email from a convert to our fishing ranks!

Mark into his first Devon trout!

Hi Pete,

I wanted to thank you for an absolutely fantastic days guiding on Friday.  I had a great time and learnt so much!

The following couple of day’s fishing allowed me to put what I had learnt into practice (with success!!) and made our stay in Devon a truly memorable one.

Many thanks to Emma too, for suggesting we stay at the Fox & Hounds. What a great little hotel and lovely food!

Take care


P.S.  We’ll be back again soon!! (maybe for a spot of sea trout fishing!) Fly fishing guide, tuition and lessons in Devon

Spring has sprung?

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

We noticed for the first time that the swallows were back at home today, primroses are in the hedgerows, the large dark olives seem to be more abundant and the trout are more in their rightful feeding spots. Perhaps this is the first time so far this season that things feel like they are getting there. I even taught in a fleece and T shirt today.

Temperatures are set to rise a little and this should give the season the kick start it really needs so the trout better watch out!  I have a day off tomorrow and after seeing the anglers at the hotel I plan to head out for some trouting myself.

The new lake is now full, although it still looks a bit “just finshed” and it needs to settle. But it is great to be teaching on there as it is a great size and I am really pleased with how it has turned out. As it is not a public fishery I have planned it so that not only are there  lots of areas to fish from but also areas that will be useful to teach casts, especially single handed spey casting. The fish are on order and will be in soon, so then it will really come to life. It really is a great addition to what we are trying to do and offers a great spot for anglers when the river is unfishable.

Mr Barrow gets to grip with the double spey

Leon lets one fly! Fly Fishing in Devon Fly Fishing tuition,lessons and guide