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Down but not out!

I’m sitting here writing this having been washed off of the river. It is a shame as it felt as though things were just starting to get going in a very modest way. I was at last starting to see a few more large dark olives and a few more march browns that got me thinking that there might just be enough to get the fish into feeding positions and a little more on the look out.

The weekend was best on Saturday and thankfully the weather held for Sunday. Saturday was a morning casting session with Andy who is really starting to throw some micro loops and put his new rod through it’s paces.

I met up with Ed after lunch and we headed a little further up the river in search of fish. We found some too and even had one take a dry which was a pleasant shock. We focused on the edges or seams of faster water and slacker areas in general. It seemed to work pretty well.

Ed puts a cast into just the right spot

Sunday and we met with the Crediton Fly Fishing Club for our 4th annual casting morning. We held it at the hotel and rather than just rehashing what we did the years before we have tried to constantly evolve things so that it is hopefully interesting and with plenty of content for the members.  On the food front we did the same as last year and included a carvery in the price which is a great time for members to get to know each other and to swap fishing stories over some excellent food.

I went fishing myself in the afternoon with Ray (The Dude) as he was down to have a quick fish on Sunday and Monday. He is moving abroad in the summer and so we have a sort of a leaving the UK tour which means we have to fish as many venues as we can in the UK before he goes and we are just putting the finishing touches to the overseas one too which I am hugely excited about. Anyway, this is the first leg of the tour and to be honest it wasn’t the easiest of conditions but Ray had a few fish including a small sea trout which was great fun. Next leg is Wales in a months time!

One for the Dude!

Before we left to pick up the Chinese I took Ray to one of our new beats as I wanted him to fish a couple of pools that I thought might hold a fish or two. As it is a new beat I have learnt it over the winter but only from walking from the bottom to the top and only in the water. The two pools I wanted to take him to were at the very top and so it involved some off road walking to the pools. Having got to the right spot I led the way and sort of slid down a high bank where I was hoping to land on a large log that was poking out of the water. The only downside of this was the part I wanted to land on was a bit rotten and gave way as I landed on it. I lost balance and it felt like I was going to go head first into the river. I had sort of resigned myself to the fact of a soaking but grabbed hold of a branch of the log that was actually not rotten and stayed dry. I heard shouts from Ray who I think was probably a little saddened I didn’t immerse myself but having not taken a dunking for 3 years I am just about due one!

I had a long chat with my good pal Jim Williams yesterday which I always enjoy. He is a great guy and an excellent instructor and guide and the other string to his bow is web design. He has just completed our new AAPGAI website which is most excellent. Good work fella!

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