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Devon School of Fly Fishing Team blog

Trout Fishing in Devon

The season is up and running and fish are being caught. I would love to say that we have had the most perfect of conditions but I think you would know this hasn’t exactly been the case. That having been said it has been great to be out on the river Taw guiding again after what has seemed a really long winter. My guests have had to work for the fish but it has been great showing them different methods and techniques some of which are a little outside of the box but that’s what I love about it . The fish don’t read the books or listen to the experts.

It has been great to see fishermen at the hotel again now the season has started and it has been great to be in the bar hearing fishy chatter!

This time of year I am hoping for some good hatches of Large Dark Olives but it looks and feels that due to the cold winter things have been pushed back a little. As ever, lunchtime has been a hot time to be casting a fly but we have been catching fish as late as 4.30 so even if it is cool stick at it.

The daffodils are also a bit late which backs up the delayed start story but I spoke to a good friend in Cumbria who was saying that Thursday felt as though things were more spring like up there and the fish agreed too.

Mikes first time on a river

Alan has a fish for his birthday!

Rob swings one of my nasty flies!

Peter is back on beat 2 chasing trout

Simon works slack water as the river starts to rise –  Fly Fishing in Devon-Tuition and guiding on the river Taw

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