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The end of fly fishing in Devon?…..

No, not really!  I sort of mean the end of the season. Sadly the Taw doesn’t have the extension to the season a lot of the other rivers of the South West enjoy but sometimes that’s the way it goes. I am sure things will change in time but we’ll see.

I always keep the 30th September to myself as I like to mark the open and close with some time on the river. It isn’t about numbers or even catching a fish but just about being there. As I advance in my years I have found that I have changed as an angler and become more relaxed. In Scotland recently I spent more time with a good buddy cheering him on as he hadn’t connected with a fish and was happy to watch from the sidelines and enjoyed watching him execute yet another beautiful spey cast.

Ray (The Dude) was down at the weekend and we talked about some of the fishing trips we had been on and we both agreed that eating comes much higher up the list of things that we need to do during a fishing day. We also discussed about the ultimate fishing mobile which I think I might just have found but that one will keep for the time being.

Anyway I was going to hit the Bray but decided to hit the Hotel water instead and bumped into some anglers that were staying there so I spoke to them for a while and then headed down to the river. The water was pretty low and I decided to find something just a little bit quicker to put the odds in my favour a bit. I picked up a small one just below the bridge (always a good spot!) and admired him for a bit and slid him back.

I walked a little further to a spot I like to take people to and popped a cast into the tail of the pool and worked my way up. It isn’t a big pool and I worked tight into the bank where the water had worn away a nice little hidey hole for a good fish but there was no one interested. As a result of the current hitting the bank there is also a small back eddy and although I thought a few well aimed casts might bring someone to have a look, it wasn’t to be.  At the head of the pool I decided to throw to the seam first and I struck as my dry dipped.

It turned out to be a nice fish. He knew the drill and I really had to give him some side strain to keep him out of the tree roots and there were a few moments where I thought he was going to win out. While playing the fish I managed to get out my camera, turn it on and hold it between my teeth while I played the fish in. I managed to lift him, take a quick shot and off he went.


Now it would be great to say that was the switch being turned to the “on” position and everything happened. It might have done but I wouldn’t have known as it seemed a really nice place to end things. I’d got everything (and more) that I wanted from the day and it just seemed right. So I snipped off and walked up to make sure the guys I had spoke to at breakfast were having a good time.

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