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Scotland and back on the river…

I had some time in Scotland chasing a few salmon and even managed to catch a couple. The river had borne the brunt of the floods that had ravaged Scotland and there were still signs of the damage that had been caused by a very angry Mother Nature.  I even managed to pack a trout rod which was great fun and I was amazed how hard the fish fought. I guess it must be the strength of the water that helps make them super tough. I was a week later this year but brought along a couple of good pals and our group was added to by Karl who was fishing 20 miles up the road. We made sure we left a few fish for him but I’m not sure that they got to him as the water was pretty low.

I was back Sunday night and had Faure on Monday who was back for some more fly fishing in Devon. Again he had got the overnight train and was at the station bright and early ready t0 tackle the small streams of Dartmoor. I was determined to show him as much as possible and I think we managed that. It was pretty cool up there but the fish were still keeping an eye upward and it was great to see Faure adjust to the lightening fast takes.  We walked a lot and covered a lot of water and having only had a few hours sleep Faure had a quick power nap on the way back to the station!


Well done dude!

Tuesday was with Richard. I have guided Richard a couple of times earlier in the year and he was back for some more fishing adventures. We decided to hit the Taw and again a cooler start meant it took a little time to get going. It was a case of hatches happening in small pulses and taking advantage of these when they occurred. As the water was low, rather than hanging a nymph under the caddis I hung a spider and you know what? It worked!

It is great when a little plan plays off and makes it great fun for me as the guide too! I had Richard in some pretty overgrown spots and he adapted his technique to meet each challenge. Sometimes fly fishing isn’t about elegant casts, it’s about getting your fly as efficiently to the fish as possible. I always say that if I have you making the nasty casts you must be doing well!


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