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Devon School of Fly Fishing Team blog

Fly Fishing around Devon and a bit of Cornwall too!

They say variety is the spice of life and we have had a good mixture of fly fishing for our guests so far this week!

David and Glyn have been great supporters of what we are doing here and popped in for some casting on Saturday and then we headed off to catch some bass on Sunday. They were throwing their flies a good long distance and Glyn was soon rewarded with a thumping take, she was into her first ever bass.


David wasn’t far behind and was soon playing a fish too. I must admit we walked a fair bit and I think we broke into a run when we saw gulls hitting bait fish. It was worth it though as the bass were taking advantage of the bait ball too and the guys hooked into fish.


It was a great session and as ever they were great company . I headed off for a breather and something to eat before taking Mike and Lee out in search of sea trout. Mike has also been a regular visitor and despite us trying really, really hard we didn’t get lucky. We headed off to the river on Monday in search of trout and the guys did a great job. Mike took the honours and landed some good fish including a stunning 12 incher. His first of the day is below. I am also out with Mike on Thursday and we are going to see if we can tempt a day time sea trout along with a trout or two.  He is an excellent fisherman and great company!


I’ve just come in from a great day on Colliford with Rob. He recieved a gift voucher for Christmas and has often pulled over at Colliford when driving down from the Midalnds and has looked longingly at the water so I was happy to help. When we met the weather wasn’t the friendliest but we pulled off a few shrewd moves and got into some fish and even had them on dries when the books might be suggesting otherwise. It  was great fun!


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