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I love being a fly fishing guide down here in Devon, the variety of fishing we have makes every day I spend on the water different from the day previously. Yesterday was a good example. I met up with Paul who has been a great supporter of what we are trying to do down here. I had spoken to him a couple of days before and we had discussed our plan of action. It was originally going to be trout based and we had touched on Dartmoor but the change in weather meant heading up high was not going to be as much fun as it might have been in the more settled conditions we have had of late.

As I do every morning I poked my head over the bridge and checked things out, I’d spoken to Paul and we had decided to base ourselves on the Taw for the day. The river was looking just about right for salmon and I bumped into Bob from the EA who was having a look too. The bridge at Eggesford is a great spot for fish to hold but I didn’t see anything move in the short time I was there. It was more of a scout to make sure we were fishable more than anything else.

I met with Paul and as we got our waders on came in the Hotel car park  Bob drove in to say he had seen a salmon and to wish us luck so that sort of made our minds up as to what we would try first. Paul hasn’t tried this sort of fishing before and took to it like a duck to water. The pool isn’t easy to fish but he did a great job.  Sadly the salmon didn’t want to play ball so we decided on lunch and then to head down stream a bit to one of the lower beats to fish for some trout and a final throw for salmon.

Despite there being some colour still, the trout were obliging and I knew there were also some smaller sea trout (peal) about and a couple of which Paul hooked but they didn’t want to stay on. We finished off casting into a great pool for salmon but although they weren’t biting we had a great time and I loved it as I got the chance to show Paul something a bit different and something a bit varied too.

I hate my job!

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