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Fly Fishing in Devon

Living and fly fishing in Devon gives me so many great locations that I can offer my guests and also for myself on my days off!

Having so many miles of private fishing on the Taw to offer guests allows us to offer varied fishing on well rested, fresh beats but I also like taking anglers up on to Dartmoor for some fishing too. I have been up there a bit recently and was up again with Richard yesterday. This was the second time I have met up with him in a couple of weeks and the brief was to show him some fishing that he hasn’t experienced before.

We met up and started off at one of my favourite spots. As has been the case of late things didn’t really get going until about 10.30 but we worked deeper holes with a small dry (size 20, black scruffy klink) and soon the fish were biting.


We covered plenty of miles and after lunch fished another of my favourite spots. I had to apologise to Richard as I let out an expletive when I saw a fish I judged to be around 14inches dart out of a lie and push the 7 inch fish I had spotted for Richard away from his territory. It was that or he was after a spot of lunch!

It was great fun watching Richard expertly land his fly in the pocket of water and see an eager fish take the dry. I took Dave up there last week and his boss is also a fly fisher. He said that he would be quizzed by him the next day about the fishing and said the way he would explain it was by taking his cup of coffee and placing it at the other side of the office and telling his boss that he had to land his fly in the cup. I liked this and thought he is just about right. The other good thing is that Richard did experience something new and did a great job!

Many congratulations to Nick and Tara at the Fox and Hounds for winning another award!

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