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I don’t know if you are the same but when I go pleasure fishing I sometimes find it fun to set myself a little challenge. Before I go any further I want to say that I am one of the most uncompetitive people around. When I fish it’s just me against the fish. The odds are usually stacked against me but I kind of like it that way! What I mean by challenge is I like to try and set something that makes life a little more difficult and makes me think as a fisherman. I was teaching Peter but when I was done I popped off for a quick fish myself.

I headed up the Taw a bit from work and strung up the 2 wt. Although it wasn’t the warmest of days we have had of late I decided I was going to walk the river and to only cast if I found a rising fish. This perhaps doesn’t sound either that exciting or interesting but try walking up a river and and resisting the temptation not to flick a fly into a likely looking hole!

As I mentioned there wasn’t a lot going on but I decided I wouldn’t crack. I saw a small one rise but my fly was a bit too much of a mouthful for him and he bumped off. A trickle of grannom got the fish a little more interested and although not a heavy rise I saw a couple of fish moving and covered them. I had one and another didn’t like my scruffy klink and refused to show again despite me waiting for an uhealthy amount of time. Moving on I saw a fish move on the seam of a faster run and he didn’t hesitate on hitting the. Again it wasn’t a huge fish but he was welcome.


The nicest fish rose just once towards the tail of a pool and confidently took my klink. So was it worth it? You know what, it was. I also learnt a little bit about myself as a fisherman. I tend to fish pools pretty quickly but it was interesting taking my time and waiting to see if anything happened. Whoever said you don’t stop learning is right!

Philip with a nice trout from the Taw

Philip with a nice trout from the Taw

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