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Confession Time

I know I wrote about how I didn’t clean my truck a great deal and hadn’t since May last year but I feel I have let you all down and washed it. I feel better that I have got this off my chest but I was on my way home from work and the most excellent jet washer at Lapford was empty and I had a few pounds left over from lunch so it seemed rude not to. As ever there was a slight calamity in that I had come straight from the river and was still in my waders and wading boots, the girl at the petrol station must have thought this was a little extreme for cleaning my car but I thought what the hell. The area you park your car in is nicely concreted and has drainage but the area where you stand to jet wash is grassed and very slightly sloped. My excellent Patagonia wading boots can cope with just about anything a river bed wants to throw at them but muddy slopes are slightly tricky. I managed to do what I’d call an impression of Bambi on ice and ended up on my back sending a coloumn of water straight up and back down on to me…oh well, if you can’t laugh at yourself what else can you do?!

Graham did some ressie fishing last weekend and wrote a little bit about it below…enjoy

It’s ok for you folks located in Devon for the trout season opens early in mid March. Here in the “rural” South we have to wait for April 1. So as I had finished my grayling stints there was a void and when John came round by and asked if I fancied some bank fishing at Grafham I hesitated for 0.001 of a second before answering in the affirmative. Now I am not really a stillwater fisherman but I can hack the bank for a bit but at least I can dawdle to whichever bay looks attractive whereas on a boat my rear end generally roving like tendencies get the better of me. Anyhow Saturday was forecast to be rather breezy and so we altered tack at the last moment and elceted to give Pitsford a bash for it has more sheltered spots and does not colour up in the margins like Grafham when there is a blow.
It was one of those days when four seasons passed in several hours but as the wind was over our shoulders and we were well insulated it wasn’t a problem. Catching fish was though!
By lunchtime the score was 1-0 to the fish with not a knock to show for our efforts. We both had intermediate lines on with long leaders and were obviously hitting the bottom for we were dragging in lots of weeds.
We noticed one angler bending in to fish at regular intervals and so upon asking the successful method received the oh so familiar response “booby fished with figure of eight retrieve”. Now I don’t know about you but I am perhaps a little old fashioned and cannot abide using boobies, sparklers or fritz like creations for, in my opinion, they are not flies. So I thought right how about a deer hair sedge on the point and a dawl bach on the dropper with the objective to get the dropper to fish just off the bottom. And hey presto it worked for we started to get some interest. First John had his dropper smashed, and this was 7lb test, and then we missed several strong hits but eventually we connected and during the afternoon landed some lively rainbows in the 2.5-3lb range.
So all in all a good preamble to getting back into  the trout season but give me running water any day!

John with a nice rainbow

John with a nice rainbow

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