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Sometimes you just have to roll your sleeves up!

Being a fly fishing guide and instructor is a dream job, well, as far as I am concerned it is. I think people often think that you get to go fishing every day and you do but as long as you don’t mind holding the fly rod then it’s fine. If you feel that you need to be doing the casting or fishing then it might be some form of torture!

Anyway, I was on the river for a bit today but it was strictly fly fishing related in the sense going out there and catching fish. It was more of a case of preparing more than anything else.

There is a section at the very bottom of Beat 5 that is a really nice spot for migratory fish to hold and have a breather after they have  negotiated the top of Beat 6.                   



David at the top of Beat 6 on Sat

The only downside of this is that there are some nasty fly snagging branches just where you’d like to aim your spey cast and they’ve been bugging me a bit so I decided to give them a little trim with a saw. The saw I have is encased in a cardboard sleeve and being the great handy man I am it hasn’t seen a lot of action recently. I only realised this when I got to the river and took it out. It was a little bit blunt and a bit rusty. Oh well, I decided to wade across the river and have a go. I am glad the guys who were working on the bridge found it amusing as I hacked at the branches with the blunt saw as best I could and in the end did most of it by breaking the branches by hand. Despite everything I am really pleased and there is still some nice shade but enough room to get a cast and a nice drift.

I just hope I can hold a fly rod after all of this!

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