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This is your last chance….

It is often said that the back of my truck is a little bit of a mess. I have written before about the sorry state of the interior and I will hold my hands up to that one but the back is, as I see it, an area where everything is carefully filed away for when it will be next used. As I have been both teaching and guiding for both trout and salmon recently I want to make sure I have the appropriate gear ready just in case a client needs something and I don’t have one those “I left it at home moments”

As a result the rods have been stored either on the back seat of the truck broken up or inside the pick up part that is covered by a canopy again broken down. This isn’t one of my smartest moments and thankfully I haven’t come a cropper. What this did do though was make me dig out my rod loft again. The rod loft is an attachment that fits inside the canopy of my truck and allows me to store the rods off of the ground broken down and ready for action.

The Rod Loft

The Rod Loft

 The theory is great, what happens is that the arms have attachments that fit down into the rubber lining of the canopy. The downside is that in the past I have loaded my beloved Scott rods into the attachments and I have driven down the road only to go over a bump and the thing falls out of where I have attached it. There is that horrible moment where you pray that the rods are still in their regulation 4 pieces not 5! Hardly surprisingly the longest I have lasted with this is one day but I am determined to make it work. I epoxied the rubber seals so that they didn’t collapse (they have in the past) and it has held firm for me. I am almost into a week of hard use and it is working fine. I will report back progress in the next month or so.

I popped into Howards today and we got into a dirt kicking contest about who had spent the longest time without cleaning the outside of their car. We are both lucky that our cars are silver and don’t show the dirt up much and I felt pretty confident when I said to him mine was last cleaned in May last year. I was crest fallen to hear he beat me by 3 months.

Many congrats to my pal Jim Williams on passing his latest AAPGAI exam…good on you fella!

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One Response to “This is your last chance….”

  1. Ask About Fly Fishing Says:

    I had the same experience wherein I have driven down a road only to go over a bump and my fishing rods would fall out to where they are being attached in my truck (at one time I actually lost one). From then on I’ve made sure to securely place the rods at the back of my truck by placing it in a rectangular box that’s just fit for the rods.