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First one of the season!

I met up with Mark, a pal from Plymouth for a bit of a pre season warm up. We just played around with some different line and rod combos and tinkered with some speys and as ever talked fishing. We were right beside the river and it was really nice just seeing everything come to life. After the lone large dark olive of yesterday it was nice to see a really healthy hatch get going. I wonder if the guy from yesterday managed to hang in there for todays action!p2200205

Try as we might though we didn’t see a lot of interest from the fish despite having a good walk along the river. We were walking downstream and I suspect this didn’t help our chances a great deal  although this is the first settled, slightly warmer weather we have had of late and it will probably take a little more of this to get them thinking about looking up a bit more. On the chalkstreams hatches of LDO’s have been a feature since Jan and the grayling and a few out of season browns have been paying more attention. I have to admit to having caught a few out of season browns but it has not been a function of targetting them just that they have put spawning behind them and are right back on the food again. All of them have been in great shape and have been fighting fit.


  As you can see from the photo on the left  it looked a wonderful spring day and while I am sitting writing this I can  feel just a tinge of where the sun has caught my face or perhaps this is wishful thinking. It certainly makes you feel a lot better! On this subject it reminded me of a corporate day Mark and I did in January this year. It was for a large company and the idea was that they would split into 3 teams, some of them would do indoor tasks and the others would do outdoor tasks. The outdoor ones consisted of sailing, rafting and fly fishing. As there was a competitive element to things I thought it would be an idea to teach the basic overhead cast with a shoot of line and then have time period to hit selected targets. As I had a load of caps we placed them down and gave each team a set time to hit as many as possible. It seemed to go down pretty well and we got some great feedback from people who had previously thought fly fishing was boring. Anyway we did the day on the 15th of Jan and I can assure you it wasn’t a nice day. There was that nasty persistent  rain and a bit of a breeze too. Thankfully we were wrapped up well but I can say the same for the guy trying rafting who placed one foot on the raft and the other on the pontoon and stood there as the raft drifted away. I didn’t get to see this happen but I did see a completely drenched soul who asked if this was the place for fly fishing. Depsite me assuring him he would get more than just a bit cold he was determined to start but there was no way I was going to teach him in that state! Ieventually took him inside as he at last realised it probably wasn’t a good idea.

It was great to see Mark and as ever he was a gentleman and turned up with my first packet of Hob Nobs for the season!





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