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Why Choose The Devon School of Fly Fishing?

We are often told by clients of our fly fishing school that they are amazed by the facilities and fishing we are able to offer. As a result, we thought we would let you know a little bit more about what you can expect when you visit the Devon School of Fly Fishing.

Our River Beats Are Private.

This means the beat is yours for the day with your fly fishing guide. You will not be fishing a fishing club water so there is no chance that someone is likely to step in front of you just as you approach that nice looking pool with all of the rising trout.

Our Casting Lake is Private Too.

Your fly fishing lesson will be held there, so it doesn’t matter if not every fly cast goes to plan no one is watching! We have found that as a newcomer to fly fishing it can sometimes be a little intimidating to have your fly fishing lesson on a public fishery with lots of other fly anglers around.

Our Instructors & Guides Are All Full-time Professionals.

Being full time fly fishing instructors and guides means we are on the water every day so we know exactly what is going on down to the times and types of hatches you might encounter. We will also know the mood of the fish and the state of the river and where the hot spots currently are. It is this sort of knowledge that takes the element of guess work out of the day.

AAPGAI Approved.

We are fiercely proud of our qualifications and holding the AAPGAI (Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling instructors) means we have been thoroughly examined to teach all the casts you will ever need for your fly fishing career. So if you are coming to Devon for fly fishing lessons for the first time or you want to learn how to cast further, presentation casts for the river or want to learn how to spey cast we are qualified to show you how to do so in a clear, concise and easy to understand manner. We also have appropriate insurance and first aid training. The AAPGAI qualification is the most sought after and hardest to attain fly fishing exam to pass. As a result the benchmark is high and so there are not so many AAPGAI instructors in the UK but those you do meet all maintain the very highest standards.

Photograph of Pete Tyjas
Photograph of Emma Tyjas

The Team

Our team has been put together not only on the basis of our qualifications but also the ability to get on with people and to teach them so that they can easily understand how each fly cast works or how to fly fish a river, lake or reservoir. We believe if you walk away from your time with us feeling confident about what you have learnt you will be able to put it all into practice when you are fly fishing alone. Sometimes it might not all go to plan, but understanding why it went wrong and being able to put it right makes life a whole lot easier and even more enjoyable. We always say that if you can understand how to fly cast you can fly fish for the rest of you life!

Everything You’ll Need – FREE OF CHARGE.

We don’t believe in cutting corners and when it comes to the fly fishing tackle we think using good quality gear makes a difference too so if you don’t have any we will provide you with breathable waders, fly rods from Scott and reels from Abel and other high quality manufactures free of charge.

No Hidden Extras.

When it comes to the pricing we have made our courses and days as competitive as possible and pride ourselves on a “no hidden extras” policy, so there is no day ticket costs or hire of gear to add on. All you will need is an EA rod license.

Most of all though we are hugely passionate fly fishers and fly fishing instruction is our job, so we maintain an incredibly high standard to match the fishing we are able to offer you.

We look forward to showing you some of favourite spots so please contact us for more details.